Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has a new gig and ran around pretending to be a tough guy in front of several motion picture cameras for a few months.

With a Mohawk hair cut, snarling teeth and gravel in his voice Jackson pulled off replacing the now much older Mr. T who gave life to the former television character “B.A.” in the A-Team.

In less than two week the movie version of The A-Team will premiere across the world with a new cast that includes Mr. Rampage. The world of make believe may or may not have a new star.

On Saturday, the world of make believe ends when Rampage enters the Octagon in Ultimate Fighting Championship 114 against former light heavyweight champion and bitter enemy Rashad Evans. The MGM Grand in Las Vegas brings harsh reality.

Evans thinks Rampage is hype.

“You’re the f***ing Tin Man,” Evans told Jackson during a telephone conference call.

Anger filled the conference call last week when both mixed martial arts champions jumped on each other verbally with hundreds of media on the call. “You got no heart.”

Was it real?

If you watched The Ultimate Fighter reality television show when both Jackson and Evans were coaches then you realize that the animosity is very real. It wasn’t acting, it wasn’t pretend even though Rampage has a movie coming out.

“the A-team movie was bigger than me than a fight with you,” Jackson told Evans. “It was my dream to be affiliated with the A-Team. And you know what Im saying I accomplished that now if they do a sequel and stuff like that you know what Im saying Im happy with doing what I did you know what Im saying.”

Evans isn’t impressed with Jackson’s new credentials as a celebrity film actor. He’s only concerned with beating Jackson.

“When (Keith) Jardine was fighting Quinton I was intending to beat Quinton. So I know Quinton his whole style. You know what Im saying, I know his footwork. You know what Im saying?” said Evans. “When he rolls, when hes not going to roll what hes looking for. I know all that just by you know what Im saying by watching him and scouting him when I was doing for Jardine.”

Evans attacked Jackson for pretending to be simple.

“Hey, hey, hey like I was saying, like I was saying just because you say ignorant stuff you know what I’m saying. And you perpetuate just stupidness,” Evans told Jackson. “Stop acting like you’re stupid. Stop acting like just because you black you’re stupid you know what I’m saying, I hate – I can’t stand that attitude.”

The last attack came after Jackson was asked a question by an East Coast reporter who used several three syllable words.

“What you all using the big words like that? I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about,” professed Jackson.

Evans seethed at Jackson’s act and called him a fake.

“I hate his ass. I dont like him and Ill never like him. You know what Im saying? Im sure well probably – if he whooped me or I whoop him Im sure well probably fight again, and well probably pick up right where we left off,” said Evans. “But for the most part after the fight its over you know what Im saying well probably be cool for a minute.”

Jackson was stymied by Evans words.

“Now I know why I’m fighting this guy because I want to teach guys like this a lesson to keep his mouth shut when you ain’t on the same level as the next man you know. So that’s why – that’s the motivation for this fight and it’s like a (moral) victory. It’s not up there with a title shot or no big accomplishment, no saying who is this guy?” asked Jackson. “ I just don’t like the way he talk to me. He’s just real fake, and real cocky you know what I’m saying. For someone who really – he ain’t really done much in this sport you know what I’m just saying I just don’t…”

UFC’s Dana White explained it simply.

“They don’t like each other,” White said.

The fight will be shown on pay-per-view this Saturday May 29.