The Kermit Cintron fallout continues. Three days after Cintron lost his balance at the Home Depot Center Center in Carson, CA, after getting tangled up with Paul Williams, the Pennsylvania boxer is defending himself from a late-arriving assertion by ring doctor Paul Wallace.

Monday morning, Wallace told the LA Times that Cintron told him twice that he didnt want to continue the fight with Williams after falling out of the ring, hitting his back on a TV monitor, and losing his breath.

I did say I wanted the fight stopped because the fighter twice said he could not continue, Dr. Paul Wallace told The Times. He was asked, Can you continue? and he said no. Twice. If he had mentioned to me something like, Give me a moment … , I understand; these are warriors. Any hint that he still wanted to participate we wouldve given that to him. We would have got him up and given him a second evaluation.

A statement responding to Wallaces assertion will come from Cintron tonight, but TSS got on the phone Tuesday mid afternoon with his manager, attorney Josh Dubin.

Dubin told TSS that he was right there in front of Cintron after the fall, as was Cintron trainer Ronnie Shields, and Cintrons personal doctor, Dr. Scott Cook. Neither he, not Shields nor Cook, Dubin said, heard Cintron tell Wallace that he wanted to quit fighting.

Dubin was fiery on the phone, and came down hard on anyone suggesting that Cintron was looking for a soft place to lay down. The whole notion that he dove out of the ring is so disgusting, so utterly preposterous. That in a split second, with momentum carrying him into the ropes, he thought, That looks like a great place to dive through, and risk his life, and stay down. Its preposterous and frankly disgusting. The people saying that are either ignorant by nature, or are interested in Paul Williams not having to face Kermit again.

Dubin had choice words for the judge, James Jen-Kin, who labeled Williams a winner of the three full rounds, and one abbreviated round on Saturday, to boot.

As for Wallaces statement that Cintron indicated he didnt want to continue, which as far as we know first came up on Monday, two days after the bout, Dubin was only slightly less charged.

The manager said when he got to Cintron, two ring docs, one a black male, one a white male, were attending to him. The Caucasian doctor, he said, leaned over, and asked Cintron if he could continue. Cintron answered, Hold on, let me catch my breath, according to Dubin. The boxer was asked if he hit his head on his way out of the ring, and said no, he hit his back, Dubin stated to TSS. He never said, I cannot continue, Dubin reiterated.

Shields too told TSS he didnt hear Cintron quit. He was right in front of Cintron soon after the fighter tumbled out of the ring, he said.

I have no idea what motivation Dr. wallace would have (for saying Cintron didnt want to continue fighting), I wont speculate, Dubin continued.

Wallace told the Times that it was his clinical opinion that Cintron could have stood up, and walked but that he and the other doctor on site, Dr. Eddie Ayoub, opted to err on the side of caution, and kept him immobile.

Wallace said to the Times that Cintron did change his mind only after the fight was halted, saying, I want to fight, dont take the fight from me. Dubin and Shields both deny this vehemently. I was not even a foot away, I heard Kermit say, I want to fight, Shields said. The doctors kept saying, No, no, no, this fight is over, we have to take you to the hospital.

I heard Kermit say, I want to get up, let me get up, Dubin added.

Dubin appeared shocked by the Wallace comments. Why didnt Dan Goossen, or the doctor or someone from the commission say right after the fight or the day after, that Kermit said he didnt want to continue? Why didnt anyone tell HBO that night?

Solid questions. Paging Dr. Wallace…