That retirement didnt last too long. They usually dont do, they?

Joe Calzaghe, who hung up his gloves in February 2009, and had some–ahem–trouble figuring out how to spend his time as a regular Joe, will likely be lacing up the gloves again.

Golden Boy Promotions boss Richard Schaefer has said the 38-year-old Calzaghe (46-0) is considering a comeback and might do a rematch with Bernard Hopkins again. They clashed in Las Vegas April 2008, and Calzaghe took a split decision, after getting knocked down in the first.

Tuesday afternoon, Joe dad/trainer Enzo, seemingly confirmed the comeback on Facebook.

Looks like my retirement is gonna be put back, he wrote.

In his last outing before waving adios, Calzaghe battered Roy Jones in November 2008 at Madison Square Garden, earning a UD12. I was present–it looked to me like he was still at or near the top of his game.

Schaefer told the UK Daily Mail that Calzaghe/Hopkins II might go down in the fall.

Calzaghe made the papers in late march, for all the wrong reasons. The UK paper the News of the World stung the boxer, sending a reporter to worm their way into his circle, and caught him asking the rat to score some cocaine. “I know the score. I done bits and pieces myself. Don’t tell my Dad, for *^#@ sake. He has no idea,the boxer said. “Of course, I do a bit, but the thing is most of it is *^@% in Wales. In London it is not too bad.

He came clean in a statement after the news broke.

I very much regret my occasional use of cocaine in what have sometimes been the long days since my retirement from the ring. I am fully aware of the bad example it sets to other people and particularly to youngsters and I apologise to my family, friends and fans. It is not a major problem in my life, but it is something which I am actively addressing. Many of the other conversations reported to have taken place simply involve men joshing or shooting the breeze over a drink. While some statements are either untrue or exaggerations I am naturally sorry for any embarrassment their publication may cause to entirely blameless third parties.

Its hard to fathom for us regular Joes, but sometimes the ring life is a safer milieu than the straight world…