Robert Guerrero has the exciting style to be a popular fighter, now all he needs to do is fight. After an eight month hiatus, the Gilroy, California native is set to return tomorrow against Roberto David Arrieta in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It has been well documented that Guerrero took time off from the ring to cope with the complications his wife, who has been battling cancer, was dealing with. Now with the disease thankfully in remission, Guerrero returns to the sport with a different outlook.

“You appreciate everything. Being with someone that is going through something difficult like that makes you appreciate life. I look at boxing with a whole different mindset now. I will be honest with you, it was rough. I mean, I love to fight. That is what I do. So it was hard to stay away from the game. But I had tremendous support from my family, friends, promoters, and management team, and we were able to pull through it together. When I see what my wife is going through, it makes me want to get out there and work hard.

Although he is well respected, the 27 year old has yet to face a high profile opponent. Meanwhile, Juan Manuel Marquez and Juan Diaz, two fighters that are coming off of lopsided losses, are fighting each other, while the up and coming Guerrero is waiting in the wings.

When asked how he feels about being overlooked by the marquee fighters in the division, Guerrero responded.

“You know, I just focus on my training. I don’t really like to look ahead. I am preparing for my fight on April 30th. But I would love to get in there with either one of them. I just have to keep winning. I think it is a matter of time. It is all about just getting the wins, Guerrero said. “I hope to get into the ring at least two or three more times this year. Hopefully I get one of those fights with Marquez or Diaz. But there are a lot of good fights out there.

Keeping his family in perspective, Guerrero says that there is more to his life than what goes on in the boxing ring.

“Don’t get me wrong, boxing is a big part of my life. But it is just amazing hope much support I am receiving from people all over the world. I had people offering to do bone marrow transplants. It is just amazing to see God’s work. When I see how hard my wife is working to live a better life, it makes me want to work and succeed so much more. I have always carried myself with integrity. I don’t party, drink, or go out a lot.

“I want to fight as long as I can. I want to have a good long run and win plenty of championships.

The fight tomorrow is only Guerrero’s second fight at 135 pounds. Guerrero says that he is willing to move up to junior welterweight or welterweight to face any of the big dogs in the division, including Timothy Bradley or Manny Pacquiao.

“I carry the weight well. I would love to get in there with either of those guys. I just want to see what I could do. I want to fight the best. I did not get into this sport to fight no name fighters; I want to prove myself against the best that are out there. When I am done with this sport, I want to know that I went out there to fight best.