When Edwin Valero did the incomprehensible, and stabbed his wife to death on April 18, and then followed that with the stunning act of taking his own life the next day, boxing fans reacted with an outpouring of surprise, of anger, of frustration, of disgust, of sadness.

Now, the man has been buried in his native Venezuela, and after a bit of time has passed to allow us to make some semblance of sense of the tragedy, perhaps it is time for us to look forward.

The 28-year-old Valero and wife Jennifer, age 24, had two children. They are pictured above, with their late father and mother.

Edwin Junior is 8, while Rosalina is five.

The wreckage left behind for them to negotiate is immense, and one fears is insurmountable.

We can offer them our prayers, and keep our fingers crossed that they will be able to fashion normal lives with this coal black cloud hanging over them. TSS is going to try and do a bit more. Well be posting information on how we can support the Valero kids financially, as soon as fund information is made available to us.

Please check back. Well post that information as soon as it is sent to us.