As we head into a sweet Saturday full of fights, Alfredo Angulo is looking towards his showdown with former super prospect Joel Julio with an extra edge. Theres an extra bite to Perros demeanor, his promoter Gary Shaw tells us, because he feels like his name wasnt featured prominently enough on the marquee.

Angulo, Shaw says, is a little bit irked that promoter Dan Goossen played up the feature bout of HBOs Boxing After Dark show, the Cris Arreola (28-1, age 29; from LA; coming off win vs. Briant Minto after disappointing loss to Vitali Klitschko last September)-Tomasz Adamek (40-1; age 33; from Poland; coming off close win to Jason Estrada in February), and his guy Arreola, at the expense of Angulo.

Why, Angulo (17-1; age 27; from Mexicali, Mexico; coming off November win over Harry Yorgey) is wondering, didnt Goossen play up his Mexican heritage in the same breath that Arreolas Hispanic roots are being played up, leading into the card at the Citizen Bank Arena in Ontario, California?

Goossen promoted Arreola more than the event, opined Shaw on Wednesday. Angulo feels dissed. Its nothing against Dan, he did what he thought was right, but it was the wrong move.

Shaw says he doesnt have any part of the gate, so really, he isnt that invested on how well the card draws. But, the event in his eyes could be making more of a splash if the Angulo card had been deployed. Dan in my opinion sort of dropped the ball, Shaw said.

Goosen didnt care to indulge in a counterpunch blast when he was apprised of the constructive critique from Shaw. I dont want to get into what another guys fighter says about my lack of promoting him, he said. I like Angulo as a fighter, and will leave it at that. Goossen couldnt resist pointing out that a press conference press release went out last week that did indeed spotlight Angulo, and so he was surprised when rumors surfaced that team Angulo was miffed they hadnt been alerted to the gathering properly.

Promoter sparring aside, TSS is quietly amped for the card; WBO interim welterweight champ Angulo is one of the most fan-friendly hitters in the game today. The guy craves giving the fans present good bang for their buck, and has a 70s era mentality in wanting to take his foes head off, and finish him when he smells blood. TSS-EM thinks Shaw knows exactly what Julio is, as hes seen his guy Sergiy Dzinziruk, the WBO fulltime welterweight champ, decision him in November 2008; so if all goes as planned, and Angulo gets it done Saturday, what might be next?

Wed love to fight Antonio Margarito then, Shaw said. I want to Angulo him on the West Coast, build him up. He reminds me of Arturo Gatti, hes one of those types. Ricardo Mayorga, if and when hes over his MMA foray, is another possibility. Shaw has touched base on that with Don King.

Julio was an IT prospect in 2005, but some of that shine rubbed off with a 2006 loss to Carlos Quintana, and nearly all came off with back to back losses to Dzinziruk and James Kirkland in 2008 and 2009. The 25-year-old Colombian still has time to rededicate himself to the sport, but some insiders think he peaked too soon, and doesnt have the mental strength to match his skills package.

Dzinziruk (36-0), by the way, is a seriously underseen pugilist. The ex Universum stabler is 34, from the Ukraine, but hasnt gottem eyeballs in the US. He fights on ShoBox on May 14, against Sherzod Husanov (14-0; from Uzbekistan). Dzinziruk is maybe the best 154 pounder out there right now.

Shaw says hes game to fight Paul Williams, Kelly Pavlik at a higher weight, or new glamour guy Sergio Martinez, the WBC/WBO middleweight champ. Once people see him, hes got movie star looks, Shaw said. I mean, Im not gay, but the guy is like Oscar in the looks department. Now we ask if he can fight like Oscar?

Arreola will be proving if hes a B level, or something better, heavyweight, against the sturdy, resolute Pole. TSS-EM tends to think Adameks bulkup to heavyweight doesnt do him any favors in the speed and mobility department, and that Arreola will get the better of him during periods of inside trading. Goossen has way too much respect for Adamek and the twisted fate the fight game can throw at you, so he didnt want to speculate what happens if Arreola wins. Those thoughts are premature, he said. You know, people were talking about Pavlik and the Dallas Stadium…

But Goossen did say the Californian wants another title crack, and would love a tango with either Klitschko, or David Haye. The promoter has looked into the possibility of booking Arreola into Dodger Stadium.

Goossen isnt looking for Arreola to be Mr Sixpack abs, for those on Arreola weight watch, for the record, so he immplied that we shouldnt be too harsh in our assessment of his desire based on his belt size. Ive seen a lot of body beautiful guys get carried out, he said.

Goossen riffed some on the Pavlik loss to Martinez. He is dispapointed that no middle ground could be found in the last couple years for the Ohioan and Williams to glove up, and took a shot at Top Rank for mismatching him.

The Hopkins fight and the Martinez fight were the wrong fight for Pavlik, he said. Bobs been one of the greatest promoters but that doesnt mean he doesnt make mistakes. Martinez was the wrong style for Pavlik.