Tony Thompson didnt cloak himself in glory when he got a title shot against Wladimir Klitschko in 2008. He was stopped in the 11th then, but he didnt take the payday and disappear. The Tiger kept hacking away, as he looks for another title crack in the sub-stellar division. And hack away he did in the main event of Friday Night Fights at the New Daisy Theater in Memphis, Tennessee. Thompson took apart late sub Owen Beck in the fourth round of a glorified sparring session, and thus keeps alive his prospects for another title crack. Beyond a payday, not sure exactly how sequel would go any differently, whether it be against Wlad, brother Vitali, or even David Haye, but no one can fault a well intentioned man for keeping hope alive, and paychecks flowing.

Thompson (6-5; 33-2 entering; from DC ; age 38 ) was 248 pounds , while Beck (6-1 1 /2; 29-4 entering; from Jamaica; age 33) weighed 250 pounds. Beck, who was denied a license in NY because of an eye issue, looked pudgy and dry in the first. He hit the mat, from a TT chopping right. He was up, and looked clear, with 34 seconds to go.

But Beck survived. Not that he really thrived. Thompson teed off for most of the next two rounds, and Beck countered with little pop intermittently. He looked gassed after two, also.

His corner threw in the towel as their guy ate combos while backed up against the ropes. The end came at 2:50, via TKO.

Bernard Hopkins sat in with Brian Kenny. I had to make lemonade without lemons, the boxer said of his so-so showing against Roy Jones two weeks ago, busting on Jones will to mix it up. He said hell continue fighting on. Im talking straight, I think Im good, he said, stating that he suffers no continued ill effects from being hit low and behind the head by RJJ.

Hopkins weighed in on the Kelly Pavlik-Sergio Martinez AC clash. I think hes back, Hopkins said of the guy he conquered in such stunning fashion two years ago.

Free swinging Hank Lundy beat Tyrese Hendrix in the TV opener. Lundy, a Philly lightweight, showed fast hands against the Georgia fighter. Both men did–there was a double knockdown ten seconds in. Left vs left, delivered on chins at the same time. The ref didnt see it straight, who just gave Hendrix a mandatory eight. Lundy sent the Georgian down again at 2:10. Somewhat surprising, the fight got out of the first.

Lundy couldve helped himself by not headhunting so much. He sent Hendrix down again in the sixth, and bless Hendrix, the man earned every penny of his check. Hendrix had some luck when he smothered the leader. Lundys D isnt perfect, and this will get him some gigs. He drops his hands enough, and gets out of position every so often because he swings so damned hard, that his stock as a TV friendly brawler soared Friday. Lundy threw a behind the back left, which was completely missed at that moment by Tess and Teddy, in the eighth round, for the record.

Hendrix did well to hear the final bell, for sure. The judges saw Lundy the runaway victor, by scores of 98-90, 100-88, 99-88. The NABO title went to Lundy with that UD.

Vet John Brown, age 41, dropped a UD6 against Philly jr welter/welter Lanard Lane. Brown has won just once in his last 13 outings, but thats not to say hes useless. He makes a young up n comer work, and think.