You cant argue with his record, or with his technical chops. But the way he goes about his business, well, let us just say Wladimir Klitschkos methodical dissections of foes can leave something to be desired.

Jab, jab, jab, step back, step forward, jab, jab, right hand. Maybe a right hand, most likely after three or so rounds have passed, after ample time has passed for the 34-year-old Ukrainian to properly assess his opponent, probe for weaknesses in the quickness and agility departments.

It would be a bit disrespectful to say that some of the 54-3 Klitschkos wins have more than a bit in common with Ambien. Nossir, not on a site called TheSweetScience. Wlads technical chops are considerable, and he brings a scientific method to his bouts that should have him nestled onto pundits pound for pound lists. But theres been something missing.



Fury, maybe.

Well, check out this callout video. Looks like if 24-1 David Haye doesnt employ the same shuffle he used against Nikolay Valuev to win the WBA heavyweight title on Nov. 7, 2009, and actually signs on for a fight with Now Hes Mad Wlad, we just might see what a pissed off Klitschko looks like.

About damned time, I say. And about damned time for a heavyweight title fight that legitimately belongs on pay per view.

Check it out.