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The on and off again “super fight” between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. has turned the boxing world and community upside down more so than it even was just a month ago. It's no secret to anyone who has observed Mayweather and his minions that they've purposely created a controversy to hold up the fight in which there is not a shred of evidence that one exist.

One last time, there's not a morsel of evidence that Pacquiao has ever taken PED's/HGH. On top of that there's no such drug or supplement that can give a fighter more than he has physically; and if you think differently you haven't been around that many ranked or upper-tier professional boxers/fighters. Isn't it something how David Diaz, Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton and Miguel Cotto had no qualm about fighting Pacquiao and then created a false smoke screen regarding steroid usage after losing to him in somewhat convincing fashion?

For those who forget, both Shane Mosley and Fernando Vargas tinkered with some sort of supplements at a particular point in their careers. And it just so happens during that precise period they both suffered defeats. In fact it can be said during the period they were believed to taking different banned substances they never looked worse suffering their most conclusive defeats of their careers.

Pacquiao's body or actions haven't shown anything that would suggest he's juicing or beating the system in any way shape or form. He just happens to be a physical phenom like former five-division and all-time great Thomas Hearns. Hearns, like Pacquiao, was a string bean when he turned pro but put on muscle and retained his hand speed and power as he moved up in weight.

The ruse Mayweather is attempting to pull over on the boxing community is all about power and control. It boils down to nothing more than Mayweather, who is the lesser draw at the gate than Pacquiao; trying to dictate the terms to the fighter who has more leverage and needs him less to make a ton of money. Mayweather thinks if he makes enough accusations that Pacquiao is using PED's/HGH that people will begin to think it's true. And sadly some of those who show blind loyalty to Mayweather and act as if it's his birth right to go down as one of the greats – give him cover.

Today the Mayweather faction tries to paint anyone who doesn't worship at the throne of Mayweather as being a hater. That's great and if they think that they can dismiss the bull-crap that Mayweather is doing by simply painting those who know the game of boxing and stating the truth, great. They'll get no where and will continue to fight and make excuses for a fighter who has cried, begged and pleaded for homage more than any supposed great fighter during the modern era of professional boxing.

The bottom line is Manny Pacquiao isn't concerned about passing a drug test regardless of whether it's done by the Nevada State Athletic Commission or the Olympic committee. It's the idea that who is Floyd Mayweather to dictate the terms and conditions of it above and beyond any other championship fight in history? Why should Pacquiao let the fighter who needs the fight more for his career in an historical sense call the shots?

He shouldn't.

Pacquiao knows he can submit to any style drug test without worrying about passing it, but why should he? Simply because Floyd Mayweather Jr. insist on it? Pacquiao has smartly refused to give in and let Mayweather dictate the terms and circumstances surrounding the bout when he has more leverage of the two fighters.

Hopefully, Arum or Pacquiao will soon announce that they're going in a different direction since the Mayweather faction isn't serious about making the fight. And that they'll try and make a fight with the Mosley-Berto winner. If Mosley does beat Berto, every boxing observer alive knows he and Pacquiao would be a better and more exciting fight than Pacquiao-Mayweather.

Not to mention it would be conducted between two great fighters who are truly interested in finding out who the better fighter is more than just playing the system and fans.

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