As those of you who read my stories can probably tell, I have been writing less and less frequently for this site.  The reasons for the decrease in output range from time constraints to my growing desire to only write about myself and how I see the world.

I’ve written about boxing since I was 16 years old, and my run with the sweet science has been an exhilarating ride.  But I’m starting to think that fight writing is a chapter of my life I want limited to my teenage years.  So, unfortunately, this round of boxing notes will be my last non-blog story about the fistic arts, at least for a long time.  Enjoy.

John Duddy:  What’s Left

I got into boxing because my grandfather was an amateur fighter and my father has always been a huge fight fan.   Being a proud Irish American, my dad has always hyped boxing’s best Irish boxers, leaving me with a soft spot in my heart for pugs like Barry McGuigan and Stevie Collins.

Watching Belfast native John Duddy’s rise to prominence will always be my fondest memory of the fight game because I’ve been able to share it with my father.  I was a nerdy 15 year old when my dad took me to see Duddy pummel overmatched Joseph Brady on a small card in Mansfield, Massachusetts, and the two of us have lived and died with Duddy’s every punch since.

Once a hot prospect, Duddy is now considered an overrated white hype with porous defense.  His loss to journeyman Billy Lyell in April was both career damaging and embarrassing.

But don’t count Duddy out just yet.

Part of what makes Irish fighters special is their innate heart and will.  Duddy is one of the toughest, most determined pugs in the world today, and one loss will be far from enough to derail him from achieving more greatness.

There is talk that Duddy will face Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. on the undercard of a potential Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight .  Although the Irishman will be the clear underdog, I like Duddy’s chances.  Because of his robust hands, he can land a knockout blow at any time.  And because of his immense heart, he’ll likely have a full 10 rounds to land that punch.

Pacquiao-Mayweather:  No Excuses

It’s every boxing fan’s Christmas wish:  A Pacquiao-Mayweather 2010 showdown.  I don’t care who wins, and I don’t care who gets what percentage of the purse.  All I care is that the fight is made.  It could be the biggest bout in history.

HBO:  Keep at it

In January I wrote an article in defense of HBO, who I believe is single handedly keeping boxing interesting and fun for fans (  I’d like to reiterate my respect for the network and all of its new, innovative ways for fight fans to get closer to the sweet science and express my hope for continued growth in its boxing programming.   

Awesome Pacquiao Song

Pacquiao’s star appeal is amazing:  American glam-rock bands are writing songs about him.

Pomona, California-based rockers Desperation Squad recently recorded a tune about Pacquiao and put the song on their Myspace page. You can hear “Runnin’ with the Pacman” at


Even though this may be my final story for a boxing Web site, I would like to everyone to keep in touch and continue to read my material.

I have started a blog I plan to update frequently.  I will continue to share some of my thoughts on the fight game through this blog, so please visit and subscribe.

I’m also currently busy finishing up my second book, which you can find information on at .  I’ll be hooking on with a new, non-boxing-related publication soon to pump the book.

If I enter the boxing world again, it will either be to write another book, start an Internet television show, or dabble in boxing promotion and management.  Until then, thank you to everyone who has read my work.  Boxing is both a magical and tragic sport that I hope will continue to help underprivileged youth find discipline and an escape from rough upbringings.

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