Roy Jones' intention was to showcase his skills, show that at 40 years-old, he still had enough of what made him the best boxer of the 1990s, and whet the public's appetite for a rematch clash with another fortysomething hitter, Bernard Hopkins.

But those plans exploded on Wednesday at Acer Australia in Sydney Australia, as Danny Green leaped on Jones in round one, dumped a heap of damage on the four division champion, and forced the referee to halt the contest after 2:02 action. A slamming right hand sent Jones (54-6, 40 KOs; 179 1/2 pounds) to the mat a minute and half into the first round. He arose, but wasn't able to collect himself and fight out of the haze. Green hurled about 40 unanswered tosses, but Jones covered up smartly. Another quick round of blows, though, had the ref Howard Forster intercede.

The 36-year-old Green (28-3, 24 KOs; 179 1/4) retained the IBO cruiserweight belt, for the record, but most of the post-fight focus will be on what's next for Jones. One would think an exit from the game would be in order, seeing as how he's been stopped now for the third time since 2004. Antonio Tarver and then Glen Johnson did the jobs then, now Green, who was dismissed by most as a mere steppingstone to the March Jones-Hopkins II promotion.

One thought springs to mind…maybe it's time to lay a few bucks down on Enrique Ornelas?

“We don't make excuses, it was a great performance by Danny,'' Jones told the crowd, according to a report on Perth Now.
Green afterwards said, “I almost feel bad doing that, that almost most hurt me to do that to someone whom I aspire to look up to as a professional fighter inside and outside the ring. He's a bloody legend.''

The bout was billed as the biggest fight in Aussie boxing history, and Green certainly treated the event with deadly seriousness. From the get go, he walked down Jones, while Roy pumped a jab to keep him at bay. But quite quickly, Green got down to power-punching business, and Jones, with a seemingly degraded chin, couldn't hang.

The legend turns 41 on Jan. 16, and one wonders if for the New Year, he will announce a resolution–to hang up the gloves, and pursue a less punishing vocation.