Floyd Mayweather's seven paragraph statement released late Monday night borders on being hysterical and a bad joke at the same time. It's amazing after being taken apart by RA The Rugged Man over the phone a couple weeks ago that he has the gall to say Manny Pacquiao hasn't called him out.

For starters Pacquiao is a likable guy who doesn't go out of his way calling anybody out. Remember, it was Oscar De La Hoya who requested to fight Manny Pacquiao, not the opposite. And the last guy who called out Mayweather to his face in the ring was Shane Mosley; how'd that work out for Shane? Not too good. It resulted in a promise that he would never fight the fighter who until Pacquiao's showing against Cotto this past weekend was thought to have the best chance to take him down and see to it that his “O” will go.

This is typical scripted Mayweather. He knows now more than ever before that his only role in a potential fight with Pacquiao is to don the black hat and incite boxing fans and play the bad guy. That's Floyd's best suit and it's obvious that Pacquiao's showing versus Cotto has infuriated him and made him envious.

As Mayweather watched Pacquiao-Cotto Saturday night he had one thought going through his mind and it wasn't “I could never beat Pacquiao.” No, it was more on the line that as sure as he was that he'd beat Cotto, he knows he never could've taken him apart as decisively as Pacquiao did. Not once in ten fights even if he dragged Cotto down to 144. And that's obviously eating at him based on his ridiculous press release.

Inside Mayweather is frustrated that as great as he looked versus Juan Manuel Marquez in September, Pacquiao's showing versus Cotto makes his seem like a six week old ghost. It seems no matter what Mayweather says or does he's upstaged by Pacquiao's showing in the ring versus an opponent he had more trouble with, or just so happened not to get in the ring with.

Pacquiao-Mayweather will be promoted as the good-guy versus the bad-guy as it should. Mayweather will go out of his way to tear Pacquiao down, while Pacquiao will just sit back and let the demand for the fight rise as he becomes the bigger fan favorite with each passing day.

Mayweather saw some things Saturday night that he hadn't seen before from Pacquiao and they're a big concern for him. So instead of acting like he wasn't impressed he'll scream Pacquiao is just a media creation and knows inside he can't beat Floyd Mayweather.

The question is what does Mayweather say when Arum holds a press conference to which Pacquiao steps up to the podium and calmly calls him out? Maybe Pacquiao should confer with Shane Mosley and be sure to ask to fight but not come across so confident… or it won't happen.

After Pacquiao calls Mayweather out publicly…then what Floyd?

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