Manny Pacquiao weighed 144 pounds, while Miguel Cotto weighed 145 in the Friday late afternoon weigh-in at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

“Entourage” actor Jeremy Piven and Michael Buffer were joined by about 5,000 fans eager to see what their fave would tip the scales at. The contracted weight was 145 pounds or less.

Buffer asked fans to weigh in and do a decibel test to see which boxer had more fans in the house. He handed the mike to Giants RB Brandon Jacobs, who manages several boxers, joked that the boos that rained down on him must've been dispensed by Cowboys fans. Piven tossed in a crack at Floyd Mayweather, lauding Manny and Miguel as two of boxing's best, fighters who don't focus simply on “protecting their legacy.”

The impish Pacquiao looked loose; he was all smiles, and gave away items of clothing to fans, while the usually taciturn Cotto also grinned just before taking to the scale. Post weigh in, Piven asked Cotto if he'd be extra angry, because he was so drained. No, Cotto said, he'd be aggressive but wouldn't let anger seep into his head. Piven then asked Manny if he abstained from canoodling during training. Yes, Manny said, he curtailed any nighttime cuddling etc so he could stay on message.

Alfonso Gomez weighed 145 1/2 pounds, while Jesus Soto Karass was 148, then 147 1/2 after shedding clothes; he took some time to shed those last few stubborn ounces and hit 147.