On Wednesday September 30th Star Boxing's heavyweight contender, “Devastatin” Devin Vargas (17-1, 7 KO) will look to get back into the win column when he takes on Terrell “Baby Bull” Nelson (8-8, 5 KO) at Russo's On The Bay in Howard Beach, NY. The bout is scheduled for eight rounds in the heavyweight division.

Vargas recently took time out of his training schedule to talk about his upcoming fight, what he thinks of the heavyweight division as a whole, and what fighters in particular are on his immediate hitlist.


Q: Devin, how has everything been leading up to this fight? How long have you been in training?

DV: Everything has been good leading up to this fight. I had a good six weeks notice for this so I trained really hard. I will weigh anywhere between 216lbs and 220lbs. I finally started lifting weights so I am starting to put some muscle on, I still need some work, but I feel much stronger already.

Q: Your opponent Nelson has been in with some pretty good fighters, what do you know about him?

DV: All I know about him is that he is tough and likes to bang and fights with a big heart. I like that in fighters, someone who is not out there just to pick up a pay check but comes to fight and comes to win. This will make for a more exciting fight for all the fans in attendance at Russo's come fight night.



Q: Who do you consider to be the top heavyweights in the world?

DV: I guess the top heavyweights in the world are the Klitschko's. They have shown that they will fight and they will beat anyone out there. Vitali just handed Chris Arreola a beat down on Saturday, and looked pretty impressive doing it. After that though I dont really know who the top heavyweights are. None of them have ever been tested. Most of them are protected by there promoters and have good P.R. agents to feed the bs to everybody. I think there should be a heavyweight tournament like the super six in the super middleweight. I think all weight classes should do that. It would be great for boxing.

Q: Who of those top guys do you feel like you match up the best with?

DV: Honestly, I'd fight any one of the “so called” heavyweights. Most of them are protected European fighters. They won't fight outside there own country because their promoter has the judges in their back pocket. Come over here to the U.S. and we will see what you guys are really made of.



Q: What did you think of Mayweather vs. Marquez? Who do you think wins the Nov 14th matchup between Cotto and Pacquiao? Who do you think has the best shot at beating Mayweather?

DV: I thought Mayweather did very well. I think he picked a good opponet that he knew they could beat. As for as Nov. 14th, I have to go with Pacquiao. He is one of favorite fighters right now. He throws so many punches and has great power. I see him being the one who beats Mayweather, if they can actually come to an agreement on the contract.

Q: Where do you see yourself at this time next year?

DV: I want to be fighting big fights, and ultimately want to be fighting for some kind of title. I'll tell you who I want to fight before this time next year and that's Tony Grano. He looked good in his fight the other week. He is tough and likes to fight and has a big heart. Grano and I would be a good fight for T.V. Two fighters who don't care if they get hit always makes for good fights. After Grano I would love to fight Derric Rossy. He is okay but people are making a big deal for no reason. After I KO Rossy then hopefully, if he is willing, I would like to take on Kevin Johnson in a rematch. Three wins over the guys I just mentioned would definitely put me towards the top of the heavyweight division, and put me in line to fight for a world championship.

Q: Devin, I want to thank you for taking time of your schedule and sitting down with us. Is there anything you would like to say in closing?

DV: I want to thank my promoter Joe DeGuardia and Star Boxing for putting this fight together. I would like to say to all my fans and supporters out there that that I am back to being Devastatin Devin Vargas. For awhile there I got lazy. Now I'm lifting and I am in GREAT shape and still getting in even better shape. I will devastate any fighter who steps in front of me with speed and power and tons of tons of punches! Thats how I got the nickname and now its time for me to start living up to it, starting with Terrell Nelson Sept. 30th!



The show will kick off at 7PM sharp with an hour long cocktail reception. Immediately following the reception, a four course elegant dinner will start being served, at which time the first bout will go on. There will be cocktail service throughout, with an open bar running for the remainder of the evenings fights.

All seats will include full VIP services. Tables of ten are available for purchase for $1500 (Bronze), $2500 (Silver), and $3500 (Gold) respectively. There will be a limited amount of individual seats at select tables available, with the cost for each seat at $150, $250, and $350. You may contact Star Boxing for tickets at 718-823-2000 or by visiting www.starboxing.com. Russo's On The Bay is located at 162-45 Cross Bay Blvd, Howard Beach, NY 11414.