Vivian Harris medically cleared to fight

For Immediate Release~ CARLSTADT, NJ. (August 27, 2009) — Former Junior Welterweight champion “Vicious” Vivian Harris has been medically cleared to fight after collapsing from an accidental head butt in his last outing.
On August 14, in Tucson, AZ, Harris collapsed about 90 seconds into the 2nd-round after clashing heads with Noe Balanos in a bout that was shown live on ESPN.  After taking a knee, Harris got to his feet, but then collapsed after walking to his corner.

The 31-year-old Harris was taken to a nearby hospital for observation and was given a precautionary CAT scan that came back negative. He was released from the hospital around midnight. After returning to his home in Carlstadt, NJ, Harris visited his neurologist as a further precaution.
“I’m OK. All the tests came back negative. My health is my number one concern so I made sure I took all the necessary medical precautions before I resume fighting,” Harris said. “Unfortunately these types of things happen but I’m back in the gym, and I look forward to fighting again before the end of the year.”
Harris, who recently signed with Golden Boy Promotions, is determined to work his way back to a title shot in the talent-filled 140 lb-division.

EDITOR NOTE: I sincerely hope that Vivian got checked out by a top-of-the-line medical expert, and will consider getting a  second and third opinion, just to be sure he is fit to continue fighting. I'm pretty certain his promoter, Golden Boy, would dig in pocket to have him go that extra yard, expense-wise. On Aug. 13, everyone who watched the 31-year-old Harris against Noe Bolanos on Friday Night Fights in Arizona was worried sick over the Guyana-born Harris, after he collpased in his corner after he clashed heads with Bolanos, and was unresponsive for some time after that. He came to, and twenty minutes later was ambulatory, and conversant with his team in his dressing room. But the head clash didn't look like it would cause a well man to crumple. The scene left us worried for Harris' short and long-term health, as a matter of fact. Vivian, just know that there may be a few folks who are urging you to fight on, but they are not the ones that could suffer catastrophic brain damage from fighting. And if it is in fact your own stubborn but commendable pride spurring you to battle on, may I offer that it is better to be safe, than sorry. It is better to be poorer, but healthier. I'm not one to tell a man to hang up the gloves, all that often, for we all have one life to live, and we have our own free will to set our own course on the journey…but sometimes brave, proud men need a little help letting go, and stepping away from the ring. Please, Vivian, just be sure this is the right move for you, and your family, and loved ones.


Michael Woods

TSS Editor