PRIMM, NEVADA-Junior middleweight contender Alfredo Angulo returned to the ring after suffering his first defeat and stopped Philadelphia’s Gabriel Rosado (12-4, 7 KOs) on Friday night.

Angulo (16-1, 13 KOs) was eager to prove to fans at Buffalo Bill’s Casino that his loss to Kermit Cintron was an aberration and chased Rosado around the ring for two rounds before lowering the boom in front of more than 3,000 mostly barking fans.

With Rosado moving and sliding, Angulo kept cutting off the ring and fired some body shots that landed. When both fighters leaned against each other on the rope, Angulo fired an overhand right that floored Rosado.

Rosado got up and complained to referee Russell Mora signaling with both of his hands as to why the punch was allowed.

The fight resumed and once again Angulo pounced on Rosado and knocked him down with a combination. Again Rosado got up, but a little more slowly. The fight resumed and once again Angulo trapped the Phillie fighter and dropped him for a third time with combinations.

The referee stopped the fight at 2:13 of the second round though Rosado argued to let the fight continue.

“The referee said ‘break’ when I got hit the first time,” said Rosado. “I should have been allowed my five minutes.”

Rosado insists that the referee yelled break three times.

“I couldn’t get my equilibrium back so that’s why I kept going down,” Rosado said. “If the referee had given me my five minutes I could have got back in the fight.”

In a super middleweight fight Anthony Dirrell (18-0, 15 KOs), the brother of Andre, had a somewhat easy time against Mexico’s Alfredo Contreras (10-6-1, 4 KOs). Vastly quicker and more skillful, Dirrell battered the Los Mochis fighter for seven rounds.

Though Contreras was never dropped and repeatedly shook his head after receiving blasts from Dirrell, he seldom was able to land a solid shot. At 2:32 of the seventh round Contreras corner asked referee Robert Byrd to stop the fight during a heated one-side exchange as Dirrell pounded him unceasingly.

Heavyweight prospect Travis Kauffman just may be the best kept secret in America. Once again the fighter from Reading, Penn. eliminated yet another opponent with ridiculous ease. It was a game William Shahan who absorbed the heavy duty punishment as Kauffman blew him out with the first barrage of punches 1:20 into the first round.

“I was taking it easy at first. But when I saw him dropping his left hand I had to end it,” said Kauffman.

A quick overhand right bludgeoned Shahan to the floor, but the last-minute sub gamely got up. Referee Robert Byrd let the fight proceed and Kauffman began to unload when Shahan’s corner ran up to the ring to halt the fight.

Kauffman showed quick hands, great skills and just may be ready to crack the top 20 very very soon.

In other results:

Sharif Bogere (11-0, 7 KOs) blew out Rodolfo Armenta (7-2-1) in 1:07 of the second round of a lightweight fight.

Olympian Gary Russell (4-0, 2 KOs) annihilated Jason Jones (2-3) in 28 seconds of the first round.

Said El Harrak (7-0, 3 KOs) rallied from near defeat to stop Jesus Vallejo (3-1, 3 KOs) in a welterweight fight scheduled for six rounds. Harrak and Vallejo had the most competitive fight of the evening.

Canada’s Lucia Larcinese (2-4) handed Las Vegas fighter Donatella Hultin (1-1) her first defeat in winning a unanimous decision after four rounds. All three judges scored it 39-37 for Larcinese. Donatella has good tools and a good fighting heart. But after a butt of heads she seemed to lose focus and the momentum.

After a slow start New Mexico’s Archie Marquez (5-0, 4 KOs) used a stiff jab and movement to out-box Florida-based Sergi Ganjelashvili (4-4-1) in a junior lightweight bout. All three judges scored it 40-36.