Filipina boxing star Ana “the Hurricane” Julaton will be stepping into the eye of the storm when she meets New York’s Melissa Hernandez, who earlier used the same nickname but is dispensing with it.

“I see she calls herself ‘Hurricane’ so for this fight she can have the name and I’ll use my new ring name of 'I Am Women’s Boxing'” said Hernandez.

Northern California’s Julaton (4-1-1) is moving up in weight to challenge Hernandez for her WIBA junior lightweight title on Saturday Aug. 1, at Agua Caliente Casino near Palm Springs. Sadly, it won’t be televised.

It’s Hernandez’s second venture on a fight card that will be televised, but her fight with Julaton won’t be included in the televised portion. Though she has a fight today in Panama, the fighter that many call the Pound for Pound best female boxer today has no problem fighting weekly.

“I would love to fight as many times as I can because it keeps me busy and fighting all of the best out there,” said Hernandez (10-1-2), who has already clashed with fellow Pound for Pounders like Layla McCarter and Chevelle Hallback.

Julaton, who regularly fights at 122 pounds, was eager to move up two divisions to challenge Hernandez for the world title.

“I’ve only got this period of my life to show what I can do as a boxer,” said Julaton, who recently turned 29. “There are a lot of girl fighters that want to fight Melissa Hernandez. That’s why I want this fight.”

The Daly City resident has a two-inch height advantage but has never fought anyone above 123 pounds. Hernandez has fought opponents as high as 134 and as light as 119. They’ll be fighting for the 130-pound weight division crown.

Expect a large group of Julaton followers to arrive next week. One thing Julaton has proved aside from being an aggressive and strong boxer is that she has a strong fan base as well. In her last fight, a year ago, busloads of her fans drove from Daly City to Lemoore, California to lend their loud and boisterous support for the brunette. Maybe it’s her willingness to engage in toe-to-toe action and meet whoever promoters place in front of her, even a fighter that is considered the best in the world today.

“Why not?” says Julaton, who has trained in martial arts for many years. “To be successful you have to take opportunities. I want to be able to say I fought the best.”

Hernandez understands Julaton.

“I believe it’s a win-win game for her at this point,” said Hernandez who fights Panama’s undefeated Amber Fajardo today in Panama City in a six-round fight. “I think she’s not in my class though. But hey, it’s boxing and one punch can change everything.”

The New York fighter has captured fans with her flamboyant style of making opponents miss, countering, and sticking her tongue out as she trades bombs with whoever is in the ring.

Julaton has a good idea what to expect.

“Just watching her tapes, what makes her different is she gets into opponents' minds,” said Julaton. “It’s going to be a fun fight.”

Hernandez likes Julaton’s spirit.

“Her taking this fight is a big jump in her game and I give her all the props for doing so,” said the Puerto Rican star.

Too bad it won’t be televised.

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