Last week WBA welterweight champ Shane Mosley 46-5 (39 KOs) issued a press statement saying that he wanted to meet IBO junior welterweight champ Manny Pacquiao 49-3-2 (37 KOs) as soon as possible. In a written statement, Mosley said that he would be willing to meet Pacquiao at a stipulated catch-weight if that's what it took to make the fight a reality.

There are three elements of significance regarding Mosley's press release to consider. The first being, Shane has to do something to keep his name out there and try to parlay his ninth round knockout over Antonio Margarito into a mega fight, especially with no current negotiations under way for a proposed future bout. As mentioned before, Mosley doesn't have a menu of options at his disposal.

Miguel Cotto still has to fight Joshua Clottey and if he wins he'll look to make a fight with Pacquiao most likely, like everybody else is. If Clottey beats Cotto there's no reason for Mosley to fight Cotto and there's no money in a fight with Clottey. Sure, he can probably fight Andre Berto, but Berto didn't do anything in his last fight against Juan Urango to get anyone all that excited about seeing him again — and as it is with Clottey it wouldn't be for big money. Mosley will turn 38 in September and is no doubt looking for a big payday at this stage of his career. So it would be great if he could get out of boxing with one more monumental payday within the next year.

The second significant thing Mosley's statement does is it puts pressure on Floyd Mayweather Jr. to make a deal with Bob Arum to fight Pacquiao. However, that could come back to bite Shane because it may force Mayweather into lowering his 60/40 purse demand and speed up the negotiations between the representatives of Pacquiao and Mayweather. Shane's statement saying he'll agree to fight Pacquiao at a catch-weight certainly provides Pacquiao leverage over Mayweather. However, it is Mosley who will be the loser if his announcement helps make Mayweather-Pacquiao.

The thing Mosley can't lose sight of is both Pacquiao and Mayweather would rather fight each other more than they would him. For starters, Manny and Floyd know that facing each other is the biggest fight that could be made in boxing at this time. It'll no doubt be the biggest purse of either one of their careers. Why not insure that payday instead of taking a chance with Mosley who is bigger, stronger, has just as much experience and has never been stopped in his career? Also, more than likely a fight with Mosley will still be there for whomever comes out on top between Mayweather and Pacquiao. Not to mention by the time a potential fight with Mosley can be made he'll be crowding 39, which increases the chances for both to beat him.

The last significant faction of Mosley's statement is: what if Pacquiao agrees to accept his offer and decides to play hardball and make Mayweather wait? The fact is once again Shane's willingness and toughness could become a detriment to him. No doubt Mosley must get all the credit in the world for again seeking to fight the best of the best and be willing to make concessions, even if they're not in his best interest and in reality could cost him the fight.

Mosley is a solid welterweight and hasn't been below 146 pounds since April of 1999. In fact Mosley hasn't been as low as 145 since moving up from lightweight. It would take so much out of Shane physically trying to get down closer to junior welterweight than welterweight, that he'd be vulnerable to other fighters besides Pacquiao. He'd enter the ring punch-less along with severely diminished reflexes. If Pacquiao wants another title along with capturing a piece of the welterweight title, then beat Mosley at his best, which is 147.

Granted — Pacquiao isn't a legitimate welterweight as most know, but isn't that what makes the fight so compelling. If Mosley who just stopped Margarito is too big for Manny, don't fight him. I'm a little tired of catch-weight fights. We see how good they turn out evidenced by Pacquiao-De La Hoya. Not to mention Mosley is older than Oscar.

Pacquiao or anybody else beating Mosley weighing 142-143 is almost meaningless, simply because that's not the real Mosley. In order for the fight to be considered a major feat, they have to beat the version of Mosley who fought Cotto or Margarito. There comes a point that beating bigger guys loses it's luster if the bigger fighter has to come in looking drawn and weak, resembling an empty package.

Well, the same goes for Pacquiao if he fights Mosley at a ridiculous catch-weight like 142-143. No, I won't blame or admonish Pacquiao for dictating those terms if Mosley is willing to agree to them, again, he's not a true welterweight. At the same time a win by Manny won't have nearly the same glow as it would if it was versus a Mosley who prepared for the fight without having the issue of making weight being a skeleton hanging over his head during training.

I want to see Pacquiao beat Mosley as a welterweight as opposed to three pounds over being a junior welterweight. The intrigue of the fight is finding out if Pacquiao can beat the Mosley who beat Antonio Margarito, not the one who beat John Brown. If Mosley has to come in at 142-143, you might as well ask Pacquiao to fight as a super bantamweight again.

Then again maybe this is just a ruse and Mosley is just trying to keep his name out there and has no intention of fighting Pacquiao at a catch-weight. Although I won't be the least bit surprised if Mosley agrees to a 142-143 catch-weight just to make the fight with Pacquiao. Sometimes Shane Mosley's willingness, toughness and stubbornness are his biggest nemeses.