Speculators have been having a blast trying to figure out who would be Miguel Cotto’s new trainer after his bitter divorce from uncle Evangelista Cotto. Today at a Madison Square Garden press conference, to hype Cotto’s Puerto Rican Day Parade bout on June 13 against African Joshua Clottey, Cotto revealed the name of his new tutor.

No, it’s not Miguel Diaz, as many have guessed.

It’s Joe Santiago.

Joe Santi-who now?

Joe Santiago, who joined Team Cotto a couple fights ago, as a nutritionist/fitness expert, will train Cotto, for now anyway, as Miguel reserves the right to have another trainer take the lead.

“I will take a week to think about it, I’m not sure yet, I have to think,” said an ultra-reserved Cotto to a group of press. He will start training in Tampa on Wednesday, and he said that his desire to get out of Puerto Rico, and be free from distractions, caused him and Evangelista to reach a boiling point.

Santiago has trained some up ‘n comers in Cotto’s native Puerto Rico. Cotto said some big guns have contacted him about taking over Evangelista’s duties, but he chose not to share names. “I prefer to keep things in the family, and Joe is part of the family,” he said.

Check back for a more detailed report from the Garden press conference…