New York (FEBRUARY 27th, 2009) – Former light heavyweight champion Glen “The Road Warrior” Johnson will get his chance to settle the score with Daniel Judah tonight on ESPN2’s Friday Night Fights at the Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, Florida.

Johnson and Judah’s first fight had ended in a controversial draw in 2003.  Johnson is on a mission to avenge all the wrongs done to him in boxing, and beating Judah tonight would be the perfect start.

The event is being presented by Seminole Warriors Boxing.  Johnson is co-promoted by Seminole Warriors and by Lou DiBella of DiBella Entertainment.

“I want to congratulate Seminole Warriors Boxing on putting together this great show,” said Lou DiBella.  “It will be an entertaining night for fans that attend or watch on ESPN2.”

“I also want to wish our “Road Warrior” the best of luck,” said DiBella.  “He will settle the score with Judah tonight.  After tonight, it will be clear the time has come for Glen to get that Showtime or HBO opportunity he so deserves.”