The California State Athletic Commision on Wednesday temporarily suspended Antonio Margarito's license, as the fighter stands accused of allegedly using an illegal device or substance to provide him an unfair advantage in his Jan. 24 showdown with Shane Mosley.

According to the AP, the commission also suspended the license of Margarito's trainer, Javier Capetillo. The two men are to appear at a hearing on Feb. 10. By that time, the commission figures to have conclusively determined if the extra material (which has been described as “gauze-like plaster”)  taken from Margarito’s handwraps before he entered the ring against Mosley were actually legal within the regulations of the commission, or were in fact devices meant to aid Margarito’s punching power.

The California Department of Justice is in charge of evaluating all materials confiscated from Margarito, the commission told the AP.