Hello Readers,

First, I would like to wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my fans, indeed to all boxing fans around the globe. Here’s to a great 2009 with peace and prosperity for one and all.

My purpose is to let my fans and all boxing fans around the world know my past and current boxing agenda.

I went from Denmark to America THREE TIMES in 2008 trying to drum up a big fight. I attended the Kelly Pavlik-Jermain Taylor rematch, the Bernard Hopkins-Joe Calzaghe fight and the Roy Jones-Calzaghe bout. I enjoy both Las Vegas and New York but those were business trips. My dream is to fight big fights in the United States against the best of the best.

Bernard Hopkins. Joe Calzaghe. Chad Dawson. Winky Wright. Jermain Taylor. Kelly Pavlik.

Six great fighters, no doubt. And, starting with ring legend Hopkins, six fighters who all refused to seriously discuss fighting me this past year. I respect all of them as boxers and great competitors but, for some reason, I can’t get any of t hem to fight me.

Now I know some people say I’ve been hiding in Europe and not fighting the big names. That’s not fair and that’s not true. I regained my WBA title, which is important to me, against unbeaten Dimitri Sartison and then fought a required mandatory against Danillo Haussler. I didn’t make Haussler the mandatory challenger but I did cut him down in three rounds.

Naturally, I am extremely frustrated as I seek bigger game. I am hoping that 2009 will be different, that I will be able to match my skills in America against the likes of the Big Six.

I’m not here to call anyone names or issue childish insults. That’s not the Viking Warrior’s style, people know that.

But Hopkins says he doesn’t want to hear my name although I’d gladly fight him at 168 pounds for my title or at a catch weight.

Calzaghe beat me on points in an excellent fight and has been consistent in saying he will never give me a second chance. He’s a great one but I wish he’d change his mind. He said he never gives rematches yet he gave one to Mario Veit. It was Joe who suggested I fight Hopkins. I agree but Bernard doesn't like the idea.

Unbeaten Dawson is young and unbeaten. I would fight him at super middleweight or at a catch weight but he and/or his handlers are not interested.

As for Winky, I’ve been hearing his name all year, from January to December, but it’s clear he also wants no part of me.

Taylor will never fight me according to his guy, Lou DiBella. I’ve given up on getting Jermain in the ring.

Though he lost to Hopkins, Pavlik is still an excellent, rugged champion. He calls me a real beast and I say the same about him. That’s a bout I would really get excited about but it seems unlikely.

I’m not a guy to shout from the rooftops but everything I’ve said here is factual.

I just hope I can fill up my 2009 dance card with some or any of these reluctant but great warriors as listed above.

Thanks again to all the fans, in Denmark and elsewhere, who give me such great support. Know that I appreciate it greatly!


Mikkel Kessler