It appeared that Fres Oquendo did enough, more than enough, to defeat James Toney at Morongo Casino in Cabaza, CA. on Saturday evening. But this is boxing, where the unexpected is to be expected, and Oquendo has been around long enough to know this. That’s why he didn’t completely lose his stuff when Toney was given the split decision after 12 rounds of decent action.

Tony Crebs was an Oquendo ally, seeing it 116-110 for O. But he was over-ruled by Marty Denkin (114-113) and David Mendoza (115-112), who tapped Toney as the winner, and allowed the slick but diminished elder to continue his hunt for a belt worn by a Klitschko.

Versus televised select portions from the card.

Toney (71-6; age 40) weighed 230 and Oquendo (29-5; age 35) weighed 219 pounds.

Toney had to know he needed to come on strong down the stretch, as cornerman Joe Goossen told him that he was behind. He wasn’t able to summon anything extra, and we went to the cards.

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