Today is a day we Americans gorge ourselves into a comatose state, watch some of the worst football the NFL has to offer and six hours later, roll ourselves off the sofa in order to fill in that last sliver of room in our stomach with a turkey sandwich.

But Thanksgiving Day is also a day when we can reflect on the genuine good fortune so many of us enjoy. We live in the one of the top three most wealthy nations in the world, and even in “lean” times, we enjoy a standard of living that people in certain pockets of the world would kill to taste.

Every now and again, I fall prey to the temptation to compare and contrast my earnings and holdings with other more “successful” souls, and I sigh, in a most self-pitying fashion. But I try and remind myself that on this day, I have a roof over my head, ample food on the table, and friends and family to share with.

I am fortunate. Others are not.

So please feel free to join me, and when you get the chance, consider sending a donation to aid in the effort to feed those who go hungry. The numbers are shocking; in the US, 35 million Americans go hungry annually. The situation around the world is beyond shocking. Almost 16,000 children worldwide die each day, from not eating. Nine and half million people have died the world over from hunger so far this year.

I just donated online to The Hunger Project,  a global, non-profit, strategic organization committed to the sustainable end of world hunger. They work in 13 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America to develop effective bottom-up strategies to end hunger and poverty.

Hey, I know this is a boxing coverage website. But I  also know there are a lot of decent, caring souls here. No sport serves as a metaphor for our existence as well as boxing. There is a reason so many of you follow the sweet science, beyond appreciation of the skill and will displayed, I suspect.

Here's the website for The Hunger Project:

Thanks for indulging me!

Happy Thanksgiving,

Editor Mike