HOLLYWOOD, CALIF. (November 25, 2008) – Team Pacquiao has baked up a Thanksgiving surprise for six-time world champion OSCAR DE LA HOYA.   De La Hoya has been claiming he’s been walking around the past two weeks at a Twiggy-like 145 pounds (curiously the recent segment of “24/7” showed him weighing 155 pounds), as he prepares for his 12-round welterweight super fight against boxing’s No. 1 pound-for-pound fighter MANNY PACQUIAO.

Feeling bad that Oscar has been starving himself in training camp to make weight, and even admitting that he would have to forego Thanksgiving dinner, Team Pacquiao has arranged for an 11.25-pound, 12-inch chocolate (rich in antioxidants) cheesecake from the world-famous Carnegie Deli in New York to be delivered to him today at Summit Camp in Big Bear Lake, Calif., where he is training.

Hey, he can do curls with it before he eats it!

Team Pacquiao included the following card:  “Oscar — Looking forward to serving you your just desserts on December 6.  Happy Thanksgiving.  From, Team Pacquiao.”

NOTE:  The cheesecake, which was FedExed from the Carnegie Deli's bakery in New Jersey yesterday, arrived at the FedEx Rialto, California facility at 9:09 a.m. PST this morning where it is now on a truck headed to Oscar's training camp for delivery later today.