(November 18) Los Angeles, CA —   In less than two weeks, Saturday, November 29, two of America's most prominent young heavyweights will face each other with bragging rights as the #1 young heavyweight in the World.    The bout will be broadcast on HBO, at the Inland Empire's newest state-of-the-art building, Citizens Business Bank Arena located in Ontario, California.  Presented by Goossen Tutor Promotions, the main event features 2-time WBO Welterweight World Champion and “the most feared fighter in boxing” Paul “The Punisher” Williams taking on 3-time World Champion, Verno Phillips, in an interim 12 round WBO Super Welterweight World Championship bout.

The following is a question and answer with the #5 World rated, NABF Heavyweight Champion, Travis “Freight Train” Walker as he prepares for his showdown with Riverside's and Inland Empire's Cristobal “The Nightmare”Arreola, the WBC Continental Americas Heavyweight Champion.

QUESTION:           How has training camp been?

ANSWER:              Training camp has been great.  I have great sparring sessions, I’m healthy and in great shape.

QUESTION:           Who have you sparred against?

ANSWER:               I’ve sparred with Raphael Butler and David Rodriguez, both big heavyweights. They’ve been throwing a lot of punches and keeping the pressure on to get me prepared for Arreola.  

QUESTION:           What weaknesses do you feel Arreola has?
ANSWER:              Arreola has a lot of weaknesses but I can’t divulge them right now but he can be sure of this… come fight night – I will target his weaknesses.

QUESTION:           What makes you think you  can beat Arreola?

ANSWER:               Because I can and I will.  Styles make fights and my style can beat Arreola. Also, I’ve got the determination.  I work hard for what I want and I want to walk out of the ring as Champion that night.  It’s just a matter of time.

QUESTION:           Do you feel he can take your punch?

ANSWER:               He can’t take my punch, it’s too powerful for him.  He has never been in the ring with a real puncher or heavyweight.  Arreola is used to small heavyweights – more like light heavyweights.

QUESTION:           Do you feel you can take his punch?

ANSWER:               Yeah…  I can take his punch.  I know his punches aren’t hard.  He is more about throwing a lot of combinations.

QUESTION:            How many rounds will the fight go?

ANSWER:                It’s not going to go so long.  It’s going to go 5 rounds at the most before I take him… and make no mistake,  I will take him.

QUESTION:             If you had to pick which hand you will beat him with all night – which hand would it be?

ANSWER:                I’m going to beat him down all night with my left and finish him up with my right.

FINAL COMMENT:  Because of my determination and hard work, finishing off “The Nightmare” will come easy…  then eventually it’s on to my “dream match” against Vitali Klitschko. 

At stake for the winner of the Arreola-Walker bout will be the WBC Continental Americas Heavyweight title, the NABF Heavyweight title and the IBF Heavyweight  Elimination ranking.