She’s tall, with red hair, is extremely athletic and she's considered one of the best female prizefighters today. Her name is Holly Holm.

But until recently, the only folks that got an opportunity to see her in the ring had to live in New Mexico.

IFBA junior middleweight titleholder Holm (22-1-2) takes the plunge on Friday, Oct. 17 once again in meeting Mary Jo Sanders (25-1) at The Palace in Auburn Hills, Michigan in the rematch. Like a true warrior, the fiery haired boxer is willing to match her skills in a state other than New Mexico.

Skeptics say she can’t punch a lick and that she really slaps rather than hits. Others say she doesn’t truly fight opponents, but runs and hides. It was until recently that she remained within her state boundaries and then came out firing with a convincing win over Belinda Laracuente and then a points victory over Sanders that was televised.

Critics have been quickly shut down.

It could have ended there but Sanders asked for a rematch and was given her request. She suffered her first pro loss and is eager to return the favor, figuring that she can do it in her home state.

We’ll see.

Holm has won world titles in the junior welterweight, welterweight and junior middleweight divisions. Many experts consider the tall red head one of the best female fighters in the world. She’ll be 27 the day of the fight.

Sanders, 34, the daughter of former NFL receiver Charlie Sanders, lost her undefeated record last June when she was out-boxed by the quicker, more agile Holm. She was always a step behind the fleet New Mexican and could never get a bead on the always-serious looking redhead.

The Michigan boxer is considered a boxer-puncher who depends on volume punching. But when she met Holm last June she could never fire off more than two punches. Holm worked angles and movement when necessary and used her quickness to perfection.

More than a few boxing web sites have tabbed Holm the best female fighter pound for pound. She may not be the best right now, but definitely belongs in the top three.

Sanders, the daughter of former NFL received Charlie Sanders, has a stain on her record that she wants to remedy.

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