The old saying goes: once a fighter, always a fighter.  Alex Ramos hasn’t fought in the ring for almost fourteen years but he continues to exemplify that old saying.

Most boxing fans know that Ramos was found in his apartment in late August, unconscious and barely alive; he was in a coma for several days with a grim prognosis.  Jump ahead now to October and Ramos tells me by phone, “I’m doing just fine, I’m doing great. I have a lot of doctor’s appointment and physical therapy appointments but I’m doing real well.  The doctor originally wanted me to walk with a walker, but I told him no way, never.  I have used a cane for awhile but that’s gone as well.”

When asked about the outpouring of support he received, Ramos said he appreciates everyone who was rooting for him, that someone was looking out for him. “I’ve got some beautiful letters, it was so cool how many.”

Ramos, who had a 39-10-6 mark during a pro career that ran from 1980-1994,  says there will not be any lasting effects. “All I need to do is take my medication and continue therapy, I’ll be fine.  I’m ready to rumble,” he said.

As for taking any time off from his duties at the Retired Boxers Foundation, Ramos says, “No way! Since I have been out of the hospital I have been working as hard as I can, that won’t stop.”

We all wish Ramos much continued success in his comeback. Please check out the Retired Boxers Foundation that Alex holds so dear to his heart. .