After a dominant and exciting win over the very tough Andrey Tsurkan, Alfredo “Perro” Angulo (14-0, 11 KO’s) is looking to get back in the gym and into the ring as soon as possible. Angulo stopped his 26 and 3 opponent in a battle that saw the Ukrainian absorb an inordinate amount of punishment. It was a classic case of a fighter being too brave for his own good.

Some felt that referee Tony Crebs let the fight go on too long. Angulo believes Crebs acted correctly. “I know the commentators were saying it should’ve been stopped earlier,” Angulo said. “I think the referee did the correct thing because Tsurkan was still throwing punches. He was constantly busy.”

The fight was broadcast on HBO’s Boxing After Dark from the Pechanga Casino in Temecula, California. Angulo’s fans were out in force as they chanted “Perro, Perro, Perro!” and barked like dogs in support of the Mexicali, Mexico native. It’s easy for the undefeated 154 pounder to make fans with his efficient and aesthetically pleasant style.

Maybe it’s those straight and powerful punches, thrown with such conviction and accuracy that’s made Angulo a hot commodity in boxing. Boxing fans want their fighters to give them everything they’ve got. You get that very feeling after watching Angulo fight. It’s the same feeling you get after watching performances from fighters like Israel Vazquez, Rafael Marquez and Antonio Margarito. You know they always give you their best and most honest effort.

Having grown accustomed to seeing Angulo dispatch his opponents within the first few frames, it was surprising that the fight almost went to the judges. Angulo kept throwing and landing but Tsurkan kept coming forward. “I go out there and do my work. I react to whatever my opponent does,” Angulo said. “My past opponents came out trying to tear my head off from the first second they climbed into the ring so I answered back in the only way I know how and that’s why I got the quick stoppages. This time I knew it would take more work because of his reputation.”

Tsurkan’s toughness was no surprise to Angulo who studied his videos before the fight. “I got familiar with his style and I knew it was going to be like picking away at a rock. I knew he had a strong chin,” Angulo said. “He gives everyone hard fights. I figured I had to be patient and not get desperate for the knockout.”

After a methodical pounding for almost ten rounds, Tsurkan’s handlers waved the towel from their corner and directed Crebs to stop the one sided affair. It was another emphatic victory for the 26 year old who trains in Maywood with trainer Clemente Medina.

Now Angulo is aiming his sights on the son of Mexican boxing legend Julio Cesar Chavez. “If Chavez Jr. would take a fight against me I’d more than welcome it,” Angulo said. “Some of the best fights that have ever taken place have been between Mexican fighters and this would be one of them. It would be a great fight for everyone involved.”

A great fight for everyone except Chavez Jr. who’s never faced a fighter as strong and determined as Angulo. If Chavez Jr. struggled against Matt “The Predator” Vanda then his chances are minimal against “El Perro”. It’s no secret that Angulo yearns for big time recognition and a win over Chavez Jr. would propel his name to a higher plane.

Angulo has fourteen fights compared to Chavez Jr.’s thirty eight. For Angulo, the disparity in their professional experience is a non issue. “First of all, I would never underestimate Chavez Jr. I know he’s talented. The fact that he has more fights than me doesn’t mean anything,” Angulo said. “Tsurkan had 29 fights and my opponent before that had 25 fights.”

For now, Angulo waits for the three stitches around his right eye to heal and then he’ll go into some light training. “I usually walk around at a weight of 165 pounds,” Angulo said. “And I’m always in the gym training. My weight is never an issue.”

The former Mexican Olympian promoted by Gary Shaw thinks that a title shot could come in the next year or so. “I don’t know when I’ll get to fight for a belt. We’re taking it step by step but I hope it’ll be at the end of 2009,” Angulo said. “The opportunity will present itself and when it does I guarantee you I’ll be more than prepared. Being a world champion is my dream and I plan to make the dream a reality.”

As one of boxing’s most exciting prospects, he’s interested in giving fans the most bang for their buck. He’s knocked out his last ten opponents. Some were dramatic shootouts that made for unforgettable performances on both Showtime and HBO. “Like I’ve always said. Anytime you see my name as part of any card you can expect to see a great fight,” Angulo said. “I guarantee you’re going to see a great show and so far I haven’t disappointed anyone.”

–photo from Team Angulo, thanks