Joan Guzman, who chose not to fight Nate Campbell on Saturday evening, amazingly allowed himself to be queried by the pitbull without lipstick, Jim Gray, on Showtime before the makeshift headline bout, between Timothy Bradley and Edner Cherry went forward.

Gray asked him if he’d been keeping track of his weight, as he went into his showdown with IBF/WBA/WBO lightweight champion Nate Campbell. Guzman, age 32,  said he didn’t know what happened, that maybe a supplement made him gain excess weight. When asked if it would or would not be safe for him to fight, Guzman said his health came first, but said he wanted to fight.

BS, we say. TSS fact checks Guzman, like the press has been fact checking Palin and McCain on their assertions about earmarks, and Bridges to Nowhere. Guzman said No Mas, and refused to fight. Campbell would have fought anyway, but Guzman, who came into camp grossly overweight, the grapevine says, said he didn’t want to. He said his health would be compromised. Helloooooooo…the other guy went out of his way to make weight, Guzman, you didn’t. You should be stronger than the 36-year-old Campbell.

Unless we get  the real story, and Guzman clarifies this issue, we have lost a ton of respect for Guzman. Reach out to us at TSS, if you want, Joan, but please, stop making like a politician, and trying to BS us. It won’t fly.

Campbell said he wanted the fight, that “I would have fought him 30 pounds overweight.” Bravo, Nate. You manned up, he didn’t. Campbell said he’ll get his paycheck, he fulfilled his end of the bargain.

He said he learned between 6:30-7 that Guzman would not fight. “I’m for fighters, but I’m for fighters doing what they’re supposed to do…He didn’t want to fight. That’s life, life in the big city.”

TSS applauds Campbell. Take note kids, this is the classy way to deal with the mandatory roadblocks that will litter your path as you grow up.