Only in boxing, baby.

Brian Minto acted as the promoter for a card that took place at Pullman Park in Butler, PA. on Wednesday evening, and himself participated in the main event, shown on ESPN’s Wednesday Night Fights.

Being the promoter, naturally Minto had some say so on who he would be fighting, and he set upon one John Poore, a 37-year-old Toughman alumnus, who took up pro boxing at age 29, as his opponent.

The promoter/pugilist, a Butler native,  had his way with Poore, and sent him to the canvas three times before the ref halted the blowout, at 2:33 of the first. The crowd applauded the smackdown heartily.

Only in boxing, baby.

Minto, a likeable, articulate man,  appeared on radar screens when he fought Vinny Maddalone on ESPN, and blasted him out with a left hook, in 2004. He’s been looking for that next big break, and stayed busy with the win in PA.  Minto weighed 214 ½, and came in with a 30-2 record.

Poore, out of Philly, weighed 213 ½, and entered with a 20-2 mark. His losses were to Robert Hawkins and Cerrone Fox, both by KO.

In the first, Minto started to work confidently on Poore, understanding that his skills and experience were far superior. He picked spots on the Philly man’s body and head, and sent him to the mat, with a right hand to the chin, with 1:30 to go.  Poore arose, and Minto kept on him. He ate about 20 shots, and again went down. He stood up, and ate a few more shots, and crumbled. The ref called it immediately, at 2:33 of the first. The crowd seemed to enjoy the carnage, and were not irked that Minto didn’t spend more time downing Poore.

Minto landed 54-98, and the loser went 4-24 in the brief tussle.

Minto talked to Joe Tessitore and Teddy Atlas after the bout. Tessitore congratulated him on the promotional endeavor. Minto said that he wanted to get Poore out ASAP, because he knew Poore had some pop. Atlas, telling it like it is, put Minto on the spot, and asked him if he was surprised the PA commission okayed Poore as a foe. “He’s a dangerous fighter. He has a good record and has a lot of KOs. I give anyone credit that crawls in there. It was a great night for him,” Minto said, amazingly, considering the man was kayoed in the first round and ate a terrific amount of punishment in that short span.

Only in boxing, baby.