Dear Chris,

Congratulations on your win last weekend against Chazz Whitherspoon. I honestly didn’t agree with the referee’s decision to disqualify Chazz. Hell, I really wasn’t impressed by anything you did.

I think it’s time for us to determine who America’s top heavyweight prospect is. There’s been a lot of hype about you being the “Nightmare,” but you’ve never fought anybody quite like “Big Six.”

Chris, I had an understanding that if Chazz had beaten you, he was going to fight me next. I am going to be world heavyweight champion and I’m willing and able to fight anybody who is in my way, including you, Chris. I’m calling you out, brother. I know you want to be heavyweight champ, too, so try and go through me instead of taking the easy way out.

I’ve been minding my business, fighting anybody my promoter Jimmy Burchfield has put in front of me. None of them have had a losing record and the combined record of my opponents when they fought me is 203-73-9. Nine of your 24 opponents had losing records, 256-180-21 overall. There are a lot of cupcakes and tomato cans on your resume. My opponents had a winning percentage of 71-percent, yours is only 56-percent. Can you spell PROTECTED?

I’ve sat back and watched other so-called prospects like you fighting stiff after stiff. And somehow the media has bought into you being the “Nightmare” because you’ve knocked out so many of these guys. You’re a strong club-fighter, that’s it, at least until you beat somebody like me, a boxer whose skills you’ve never been in against.

I have one loss on my record because I was willing to fight in the other guy’s (Travis Walker) hometown. He had 20 pro fights, I only had six, and I hurt my shoulder early in the fight. Yet, I still almost pulled off a victory.

I’m ready to fight you to prove I’m America’s No. 1 heavyweight hope. Chris, let’s make it happen. All of the top rated heavyweights are tied up for months, anyway. Who’s out there for you other than more ready-made opponents?

Styles make fights and fans always love to watch a puncher like you fight a boxer like me. Supposedly, I can’t punch, so just get into the ring with me and find out what I have — great whiskers and the fastest hands in our division.

You’re supposed to be the “Nightmare.” Try and scare me; I dare you, Chris.


Jason “Big Six” Estrada
2004 U.S. Olympian
Future World Heavyweight Champion