What's next for Floyd Mayweather?

TSS has no idea, but one thing we do know for sure, is that Money Mayweather will not be switching his allegiance, and taking a crack at MMA, at least not in the UFC.

During a Tuesday interview on CBNC, the business news cable channel, UFC president Dana White was asked point blank to respond to some of the rumors that have been floated about concerning a mega announcement to come on Thursday.

Will Floyd Mayweather be coming aboard UFC, White was asked?

“No,” he replied, point blank.

So, we continue to speculate if and when Floyd will return to boxing, and how he'll fill up his day in the meantime. I mean, man can only bet on so many ballgames before it gets boring, right?

SPEEDBAG: The retraction or the correction always gets about 1/100th the coverage that the initial story gets. Some of you may have missed it, but the stripper who accused Oscar De La Hoya of being a cross-dresser tried to sue the Golden Boy for $25 million, for slander, of all things. Milana Dravnel yesterday dropped her suit against Oscar, as it appeared her case was flimsy, with Oscar presenting expert's testimony that the provocative photos that made the rounds of the Net last September were faked. No word on whether there was a settlement paid to Dravnel.