The readers rule here at TSS.

I submit that we have the smartest bunch of fight fans in existence logging on to this website, and offering their two, and sometimes three cents.

So, in that vein, I’m putting up another Readers Rule Prediction Page.

Fire away, TSS Universe, on the Saturday showdowns.

On Showtime, will Paul Williams rebound, and show Carlos Quintana and the world that weight wasn’t the reason he looked underwhelming in their first clash? Or will Quintana toss off the underrated tag, and once and for all show fight fans that he is one of the better all-around technical fighters in the game today?

What about the Kelly Pavlik bout on HBO? Does Gary Lockett have a snowball’s chance in hell? Could the hero of Youngstown be looking past Lockett to a Calzaghe clash? Or will Pavlik rub out Lockett quickly, and make HBO programmers feel like goofballs for okaying a subpar matchup?

And Vernon Forrest seems geared up to take Sergio Mora apart, limb from limb, over on Showtime. Could the Contender outbox the Viper, or is Mora in over his head?

And that tasty HBO appetizer, featuring Ponce de Leon against Juan Manuel Lopez. Could this one be the fight of the night, of the four featured tussles? The two battlers have one loss between them. Will they both be so focused on the KO, that we get a furious flurry of action, with an early round stoppage? Who do you see getting his hand raised?

Weigh in, TSS Universe, with your picks, and then be sure to log back on Sunday AM, and politely rub it in the face of those on the other end of your preds!