TSS Prediction Page: Could Forbes Do It?
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The best laid plans of mice and men sometimes go awry. On Saturday, could the mouse expected to be caught in a trap instead spring an upset of monumental proportions? Could Steve Forbes, he of the nine knockouts in 33 wins, emerge as a mouse that roared, and screw up Oscar De La Hoya’s best laid plan to exit the sport as an active participant in a blaze of glory and PPV profits?

I’ve asked around, and haven’t found any pundit to go out on a limb and predict a Forbes shocker win. But what about you, TSS Nation?

Anyone thinking Oscar might act his age tomorrow night in California, and get outworked by a fighter with quicker hands, quicker feet and more to gain with a win?

Could Steve Forbes channel Floyd Mayweather Jr. substantially more than Oscar, or seemingly anyone else, believes he is capable of? We’ve seen some tasty upsets this boxing season; Quintana over Williams, Campbell over Diaz, Phillips over Spinks. Might we add a mega-shocker to the list on Saturday? Weigh in, TSS Nation, if you think Forbes can pull it off.