A compelling light heavyweight matchup is on the table for Saturday night.

We can only hope the fight between Joe Calzaghe, the unbeaten Welshman who has finally been lured to the US, with enough money and a chance to upgrade his legacy, and Bernard Hopkins, the wily ultra-veteran who is unrivaled in this age in his ability to disrupt opponents’ strategy, is as compelling in the ring as it is on paper.

Many pundits see Hopkins doing what he does, dictating the flow and pace of the bout to his advantage, and handing Calzaghe his first loss in 45 pro outings. More pundits see Calzaghe being too busy for the 43 ½ year old Hopkins, and handing the age defying Philly fighter his fifth loss in 55 starts.

How do you see it unfolding, TSS Universe?

Are you leaning towards the younger man, the 36-year-old Welshman?

Do you think he has enough power to dent that solid Hopkins chin?

Do you think Calzaghe might feel some stage fright, away from his homeland?

You think Hopkins is too crafty, and even at his advanced age, will prove himself physically superior to his southpaw foe?

Perhaps we've made too much of Calzaghe's wins over fighters like Jeff Lacy, and Peter Manfredo, and even Mikkel Kessler. Maybe Calzaghe hasn't been battle tested against foes of a superior grade, as Hopkins has, and that gap will be glaringly apparent on Saturday night.

Fire away, readers, fire your best written jabs, and make your case on your projected victor on Saturday evening’s showdown between Joe Calzaghe and Bernard Hopkins.

And then, be certain to log on after the bout, and either accept compliments gracefully, or fend off good-natured teasing for your sad powers of prognostication with an equal measure of class and dignity!