Regular readers know we do a TSS Prediction Page before the big fights. We typically collect predictions from industry bigwigs, and then we also get our staff to go out on a limb and tell readers what they think will happen in a fight of note, and why.

Today, we flip the script.

No “experts.”

No staffers.

Instead, we are letting the other “experts,” the readers, have their say.

This Prediction Page is all you, readers.

You think Antonio Tarver is resurgent, and will be too much for Clinton Woods, the Brit who may not be on the same talent tier as the mouthy but undeniably talented Tarver?

You think 25-year-old Chad Dawson will wrest the light heavy torch away from Glen Johnson, or the 39-year-old Johnson has too much experience in big fights for the youngster?

You think Alfonso Gomez, only weeks from a medical meltdown, can pull the upset of the year on Miguel Cotto? Or you think Cotto will rub him out, quick, in AC?

You think Kermit Cintron has grown as a fighter since his 2005 loss to Antonio Margarito, or you think the Tijuana Tornado will again blow through the Puerto Rican titlist?

Let us know, readers, and after the fights play out, come on back and we'll check out whose crystal ball is in working order, and whose is cracked and cloudy….