I will beat Margarito because I am now more mature in boxing, I’m a lot smarter boxer now than I was in 2005. Mentally, and physically, I’m ready.

Having Manny Steward working on my skills, he’s done a tremendous job, as I’ve shown in my last four fights.

Specifically, skill wise, he’s made me a complete fighter and boxer. I was already a puncher, and being a puncher, the kayo will come anyways.

I definitely do predict a win, and I’ll do whatever it takes to win, it doesn’t matter if I have to bite or kick. (Cintron smiles, and assures me he will not in fact be in no-holds-barred mode.) I have better skills and I will outsmart Margarito.

Some fans want to see a slugfest, they’re not gonna see a slugfest. That’s his type of fight, I’m a smarter fighter.

People may wonder if I have the ghost of Margarito from that loss in my head. I have no doubts in my mind. That happened three years ago. I’m over it. This is the new, improved Kermit Cintron.

You guys saw I fought Feliciano on November 23rd and got a TKO10 win. It was hard fighting with one hand. I injured my right hand, with strained ligaments, a slight fracture and a deep bone bruise, in the first minute of the first round. I showed heart, I could’ve quit. There was no way I was going to lose my title to Jesse Feliciano.

I want to say thanks to the readers of TheSweetScience.com, thanks for the interviews, and to the fans out there who can’t make it to the fight, watch on HBO at 10 PM Eastern, and watch my win against Margarito!