I will beat Glen Johnson because I am more determined, and the better boxer and better fighter.

He's 39, I'm 25. He beat 36-year-old Roy Jones who was bored with boxing. He beat Tarver after Tarver beat Jones and wasn't as hungry. I look at those fights, and he has eleven losses. He has eleven different ways to lose.

Jones wasn't interested in boxing, Tarver was on a high after beating Roy. It's hard for those guys to stay hungry. I don't think Glen is as hungry. I'm younger, I'm coming up. He won titles, I want to keep my title. I train like I don't have a world title.

He's 39, I'm 25, and I think he's just talking when he says he has more experience. He better pray Father Time doesn't hit him Saturday.

Glen is a great fighter, I take nothing away from him, but not many can say they won a world title at age 24.

I'm hungrier. He's been in tough fights, but I'm the hungrier fighter.

I'll win by just being me, using my skills. He'll look to land a big right hand, but I'm a slick boxer. I've been hit by guys who hit harder than Glen. I've been down a couple times but I always get up. I will show on Saturday I'm the better boxer.

The critics, I don't think they give me credit for the last two years. They think I'm a guy who won a title, will defend it a couple times and lose. I'll be here a long time.

Saturday is my coming out party. Finally I have an opponent who wants that title, and I want to keep it. My fight is the real main event. The main event is Glen versus Chad.

My nickname, the one I want people to use, is Bad Chad, not Awesome Dawson. I do awesome things.

To the readers of TheSweetScience.com, you can look for big things, look for a new Chad Dawson. This is my coming out parrty.