I know I am ready to beat Chad Dawson, because I am a better fighter. That's not to say I don't have respect for his skill, but I have more know-how in the ring.

Is Chad Dawson in over his head, some of you readers of TheSweetScience.com might be wondering? Most certainly, I know he is. Believe me, I wouldn't want to fight me. The only two I am afraid to fight are God, and me.

Dawson is a southpaw but that is no problem for me. I have beaten so many in my time. Beaten them easily, as well. This is the best Glen Johnson, I don't think anyone in the light heavyweight division can beat me.

I am 39, and everybody's concerned about my age, except me. I've been 25 before, as Dawson is, and I know how I felt then, and I know how I feel now. He's never been where I am. I believe I am better at 39 than I was at 25. I feel better. I understand boxing better, I understand everything better. That's why I can easily say I am better than Chad. I have more know-how, and I have more because I am 39.

I can't say my win will be easy. Until you are in the ring with a man, you never know. Difficult or easy, I will be victorious. I believe a win by knockout is highly possible but I am not counting on a kayo. I am promising a win.