Floyd Mayweather took calls from the media to hype his match with Big Show at Wrestlemania on March 30 but boxing talk took over, when Money said that he’d dump his trainer, his uncle Roger Mayweather, if Roger continued to train Steve Forbes for his upcoming bout with Oscar De La Hoya.

In Floyd’s mind, his uncle is jeopardizing his rematch with Oscar De La Hoya on Sept. 20, because if Forbes beats De La Hoya on May 3, the plans for a Mayweather/Oscar sequel go up in smoke.

“I asked Roger not to train Forbes,” Mayweather said, after talking about his March 30th appearance on the Wrestlemania PPV, in which he’s slated to meet the 7 feet tall, 400-plus pounder Big Show. “I’m upset with my Uncle Roger. I disapprove of Roger. If he continues to train Forbes I have to get another trainer. I may have to pay my dad more than Oscar’s paying him.

Money was also asked about the possibility of fighting the Puerto Rican stud, Miguel Cotto. He didn’t seem enthused.

“Arum has a chokehold on Cotto’s career,” he said. “I’m my own boss. Once Cotto becomes an entrepreneur then we can talk. I’m not going to continue to make guys big. Hatton became big in America cause of me. If Oscar wants one more chance we can make it happen. If Hatton wants one more chance we can make it happen.”

I started the call asking if wrestling is staged, tongue in cheek. “When I punched Show, I broke his nose, there were no blood capsules,” Money answered. “I’m a business man. I don’t want to be one-dimensional, I go outside the box. I’m living my dream. I watched WWF as a kid.” Money ticked off a bunch of his faves, including Hogan, British Bulldogs, Junkyard Dog, Tito Santana, and Superfly Snuka.

I also asked Floyd how he’d been received by the other wrestlers.

“I worry about the three Ms. I worry about Mayweather, McMahon and that money,” he said.

Money was in good spirits and said he just bought himself two cars for his birthday. He turned 31 on February 24, and had about six parties to celebrate. He did run into Uncle Roger at one bash, but he did not issue an ultimatum there.

“He’s taking money out his own mouth,” Floyd continued. “Forbes is making a million so he’s jeopardizing 80 grand for millions. I could get him that a ton of times over again. Hopefully it will be worth it.

Money said he’s been working on wrestling moves with a 7-2 sparring partner, but wouldn’t give a clue how he’d handle Show. “Buy the pay per view,” he advised.

He said his entrance into WWE has led other boxers and celebs to contact the company, and that Vince McMahon’s son Shane has been turning away celeb after celeb.

Mayweather said he understood that he could get hurt in the rasslin experiment, perhaps when taking a Show chokeslam. “Anything can happen,” he said. But, he said, “I’m pretty sure everything will be OK. Every wound will heal.”

Floyd asked readers to send in suggestions on who should train him if Roger doesn’t step away from Forbes, so fire away, TSS Universe.

Who should train Money if Uncle Roger holds firm?

PS Dan Rafael reports that Forbes dumped Roger when he heard about Floyd's ultimatum, and hired Jeff Mayweather to train him instead.

*photo courtesy of WWE, thanks!