Should 44-year-old men continue to fight professionally? Probably so, as long as they win.

Ken Shamrock, 15 years removed from his UFC days, got into the cage in London at Wembley on Saturday evening, and met Robert “Buzz” Berry, on an Elite XC/Cage Rage card shown on Showtime. And while his body looked to be in fine form, Shamrock's chin didn't hold up. Berry stopped Shamrock, who suffered his fifth straight loss, as the ref stopped the action with the icon on the mat, knocked senseless with 1:34 left in the first.

Berry, age 37, brought a 11-7 mark into the cage, while the UFC Hall of Famer Shamrock had a 26-12 mark.

In the first, it was a feel 'em out round to start. Berry pumped a jab, and the 6-3, 240 pounder didn't look overwhelmed by his big-name foe. He also found a home for his low leg kicks. Berry tossed off a Shamrock  body lock attempt, and threw a knee at Shammy on his way out. Berry kept Shamrock away with a constant jab and sometimes followed that with a right follow.  A right follow, as a matter of fact, is what sent Shamrock to the mat, out of it.  The right landed flush on Shamrock's left cheek, and that was it.

Shamrock weighed 216 pounds for the tussle.

To add insult to the affair, Shamrock's son Ryan, age 19, also lost on the same card. He broke his left hand in the first round of his 135 pound contest and could not continue.