You'd be forgiven if you hurried past Kimbo Slice or Tank Abbott if you were alone with either in a dark alley. Each fighter has an aura of malevolence that has won them more than one fight before the action commenced.

On Saturday evening in Miami, it was Slice, the streetfighting YouTube sensation, whose malevolence won out, as he demolished UFC veteran Abbott in the first round with a parcel of sledgehammer blows.

The end of the heavyweight meeting came at :43 seconds of the first, though it looked like it could have ended earlier, as Tank hit the deck just seconds into the scrap after Slice landed some stinging shots that buzzed the first generation UFC star.

This could easily be the end of the road for Abbott, who is 42 years old. He has been busy writing his autobio, and this could stand as the final chapter.

Slice's power surprised Abbott, who dismissed him as an overhyped media creation before the bout.

Slice, trained by Bas Rutten, is now 2-0, while Abbott slides to 9-14.

Slice's straight right finished the deal, sending Abbott to the floor, face first, separated from his senses.

After, Slice  talked to Bill Goldberg. He thanked God, told people to go to the after party at Opium, and complimented Abbott for being an MMA original.

“My hat goes off to you Tank, man,” Slice said.