The word on the street is that Oscar De La Hoya will announce who his next opponent will be this week.

And the street talk has Oscar… cue the drumroll, please…taking on…Floyd Mayweather in a sequel of their May 5 scrap.

End the drumroll, and send the band home, because I’m not pleased by this rumor mill offering.

I’m hoping that this is just rumor, although since Golden Boy exec Richard Schaefer has gone on the record as saying that Money Mayweather is the only fighter with whom Oscar has negotiated with in earnest for a May tussle, it seems like my hoping is hopeless.

I was hoping, and still hold out hope until we get confirmation of a Mayweather/De La Hoya sequel, that Oscar would accept the most obvious and compelling test, Miguel Cotto.

Sure, Oscar’d be an underdog, but the Puerto Rican vs. Mexican and young vs. old angles would stir up plenty of interest.

Sadly, it wouldn’t stir up plenty of money, at least as compared to the De La Hoya/Mayweather re-do.

Or would it?

Are you guys pumped up for an Oscar/Money rematch? The results the first time were pretty conclusive, I thought, though many had the match scored tighter than I.

That night in Vegas, the judges saw a split decision, with Chuck Giampa giving PBF a four point edge, Jerry Roth a two point margin, and Tom Kaczmarek seeing Oscar a two point winner.

I just don’t see how a sequel could go any differently. What can Oscar tell us that he could do differently this time? Train harder? Fight smarter?

I’m not jazzed about Oscar/Money II. How about you?