'Twas the days before New Year's and the year in boxing's nearly done, 2007's been solid, it's been a great run.

We heard the sport was on the ropes, that boxing was nearly dead, But the game's got some life in it, as we put '07 to bed.

Floyd stands atop the heap, the pound for pound best, Hitman tried to take him down, but fell like the rest.

He was Pretty Boy Floyd, now he wants to be known as Money, After beating Ricky and Oscar, his future looks sunny.

He's Danced with Stars, and he's flirting with MMA, But with 50 mill in pocket,  he can afford to leave the fray.

Cotto would like a shot, and long tall Williams would too, But if Money stays on the sidelines, those bouts will fall through.

There are some other stars who wear gloves that approach Floyd's status, F'rinstance, tons of our readers revere Pac Man's apparatus.

The Filipino Flash had a flawless year, beating Solis and Barrera, His fans flood our Comments box, say he's the best of his era.

He starts '08 with a sequel with Marquez, Rafael's older bro, Can Manny get the best of his eight Mexican in a row?

In '07, the sport surged, and a new star came to the fore, Ohio's favorite son Pavlik and Taylor went to war.

They tangled in AC, and in the second Kelly went down, But he left as the champion, with the middleweight crown.

Jermain and KP will meet again, in Vegas this time, They'll scrap at 166, will JT curtail Kelly's climb?

Promoters King and Arum kept hammerin' away, Determined to keep the upstart dealmaker Golden Boy at bay.

And do you suppose DK and Top Rank were feeling chipper, When the tabloids ran stories of Goldie and the Stripper?

Hey, they all made money, and shoved the UFC back, While Dana White dropped F bombs, and plotted his plan of attack.

Some vets, like Barrera, and Morales, walked away, But if I know boxing, we'll see both fight another day.

Klitschko pounded Austin, and hammered poor Brewster, Avenging that '04 loss proved a real morale booster.

Calzaghe took down Fredo, and handled Kessler as well, Will the Prince of Wales next engineer Hopkins' farewell?

More stars were born, like Diaz, first name Juan, Defending against him is like spelling Azerbaijan, He throws punch upon punch, And doesn't give a guy a break, He handled Freitas and Julio D, he's got sizzle with the steak.

Some of my rhymes aren't prime, gimme a break, I'm not Ali, And whaddya want, this website is free!

Thanks from TSS, to our faithful readers who check out the site, Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!