Mike Tyson has been studied more than the Zapruder film.

You probably think you know all there is about the man formerly known as the baddest living being on the planet, but in this month's Playboy, former TSS writer Jonathan Rendall comes up with some new nuggets in a feature, “Mike Tyson Laid Bare.”

Finally, a reason to buy Playboy for the articles, legitimately.

Rendall got time with Teddy Atlas, Kevin Rooney, Don Majeski, Jose Torres, Steve Lott, and several other figures who figured in Tyson's ascent and descent.

The piece features some fierce back and forth trading, between Atlas and Rooney, mainly, and there are some scandalous accusations contained that likely had Playboy's libel lawyer on alert. Or maybe not, since the two men who are hit with the boldest accusation, former trainer Cus D'Amato and former manager Jimmy Jacobs, are long dead.

It is strongly insinuated in the Rendall piece that D'Amato and Jacobs were lovers, and that both died from AIDS. Atlas tells Rendall, in the oral history format that forms the narrative spine of the article, that he believes the circumstances of each man's death are fishy. The narrator Rendall also shares the rumor that D'Amato and Jacobs shared an apartment together before they found spouses.

Who's to say? D'Amato died in 1985, and Jacobs in 1988. His NY Times obit mentions nothing about an affair with D'Amato.

The legend of the complex slugger from Brownsville grows and grows, and will likely never diminish, not as long as there are agendas to attend to, and memories to re-format to fit peoples' personas.

It's a good read. Finally, a reason to buy Playboy for the articles.