Mayweather TKO 10 Hatton (1:38).

That’s my call and I’m sticking to it. The Vegas vibe, often misleading, tells me Hatton will make it bloody damned interesting however.

The last minute odds figured to stay at a little less than two and a half to one favoring Mayweather, up until when the colorful combatants clashed. Based on respective resumes and experience around the 147-pound division, Hatton should be more around a 10-1 underdog.

Number of truly current elite foes Mayweather has beaten (meaning that opponent actually beat a current elite foe himself) : At least six, way over a dozen victories over then- excellent fighters.

Number of truly elite foes Hatton has beaten : A stretched, faded two including many less demanding early tutorials.

Other predictions for approximate numbers this weekend in Vegas are an equation for a rare holiday scene we could deem “Fisticus”.

Cheapest available ticket on Stubhub 36 hours prior to fight time : $1,306.00 plus service charges (Upper level Row J, fighters will appear much smaller than on TV).

Price for best available Stubhub ringside ticket: $44,447.00 (Floor A, Row C, although the section I’d pick would be “C”, Row K. It’s 33k cheaper, and where most celebrities are seated).

First Bell Weather Forecast : Around 50 windy degrees with a 30% chance of precipitation. Odds it will be raining two way conkers all night in an emerald tinted MGM madhouse :  3-1 against.

Mayweather entrance to include British reference : Greater than 50-50 chance.

Mayweather to mock Hatton by yelling while scoring big shots : More than Fifty – Fifty Cent.

Most probable outcomes by percentage:  Mayweather rallies to score controversial, late round TKO while Hatton still ahead on two of three scorecards : 55%

Hatton wins on controversial, injury based TKO prior to 8th frame :  20%

Inspired by increased exposure to potential super-stardom outside boxing, Mayweather does indeed finally deliver on his “toe-to-toe” promise and scores a controversial stoppage around the halfway point: 20%

Controversial Technical Draw, DQ, NC, Etc : 5%

Yes, the key word is controversial. It’s been a while since something crazy went down at a major Vegas rumble. Think Mayweather – Zab Judah.

Odds of more than one physical confrontation between fans who have wagered on Mayweather and fans who have wagered on Hatton prior to official result : Pick ‘em

Reported increase of Las Vegas Metro presence (including undercover in crowd) for recent Mayweather fights : 50+%.

Percentage of off-duty cops who will do something besides hang ringside checking out VIP hostesses and watching fight: a generous 20%.

Percentage of us who are always glad every one of those cops is there when the caca hits the fan : 90% (there’s fools in every fight crowd).

Percentage of VIP hostesses who will stop and sit/crouch to watch the beginning of main event : 90%

Percentage of male fans (without significant other nearby) who will watch crouching VIP hostesses watch fight : 100% (besides me honey, I swear).

Number of better places to be, clothed or unclothed, in Vegas on Saturday night around 10pm EST : Few indeed.

Number of fighters ultimately considerable, barring controversy (yeah right), for Fighter of the Year besides the victor of Mayweather- Hatton : 0