The kid probably has a future in fight game analysis when his career as an active boxer comes to a close.

Paulie Malignaggi (23-1, 5 KOs) is in training for his January 5 showdown with Herman Ngoudjo (16-1, 9 KOs), the Cameroon born Canadian challenger who wants to snag Malignaggi’s IBF 140 pound belt. But he took the time out to give his take on the field in and around the welterweight division.

Floyd Mayweather: “The best pound-for-pound in boxing today, maybe ever. He dominates and is definitely the smartest boxer.”

Ricky Hatton: “Workmanlike but a little overrated. He’s not great but is a good fighter who is tough and a worker. He’s overrated in that some believe he’s the best.”

Miguel Cotto: “One of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world today — very powerful, strong, hungry and determined.”

Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr.: “I didn’t see his last fight but he surprised me by beating (Ray) Sanchez, who I know from the amateurs. Chavez came back from being down on two cards to stop Sanchez. Maybe, he has gotten a little better.”

Herman Ngoudjo: “Another workmanlike fighter but not the same as Gavin Rees because he doesn’t throw as many punches. What you see is what you get with him. He’s a former Olympian and I expect him to come into our fight at 100-percent. He’s never been given anything and has come up the hard way. I’m looking forward to fighting him.”

Junior Witter: “Probably the most dangerous, underrated, unappreciated fighter in boxing. I’d love to meet him in the ring but that’s up to the networks. Witter is definitely the best light welterweight in England.”

Demetrious Hopkins: “Good family pedigree and a solid fighter. He’ll lose his first pro fight in 2008 when he meets Paulie Malignaggi.”

Lovemore N’dou: “The biggest clown in boxing today. He’s like Barnum & Bailey, you see the same show. His recent words and actions make him look even more stupid to the media and fans.”

Gavin Rees: “I’ve watched some clips of his fights and he seems like a rugged fighter who throws a lot of punches. Another workmanlike fighter, but he won’t last too long as a title holder.”

Ricardo Torres: “A strong fighter who can’t fight a lick.”

Timothy Bradley: “I know him from the amateurs. He’s a darkhorse junior welterweight right now and he’ll eventually become a contender in this division.”

Jose Luis Castillo: “Past his prime; a legend in his day.”

Vivian Harris: “Another underappreciated fighter who has been mismanaged. It’s a shame that his loss to Witter has hurt his career so much. It shouldn’t have.”

Kendall Holt: “A solid fighter who could become world champion. He’s had a couple of bad breaks. It’s all up to him. He has all of the physical tools but, mentally, he has to overcome negativity and setbacks. If he can overcome that he can be world champion.”

How about it, TSS Nation? Agree with Paulie’s scouting reports?