Thanks…to all you hundreds of thousands of readers who have enjoyed our website this year.

Thanks…to all you colorful fight figures who act in bizarre and wonderful ways, thus making our jobs easier.

Thanks…to all you PR people who also make our jobs easier (even the ones who seemingly get a bonus if they DO NOT smile.)

Thanks…to the writers and the publisher, who do what they do because they love this sport, not because they are looking to get rich.

Thanks…most of all, to the fighters, who put their lives on the line so that we may be entertained and enthralled.

A giant, gravy-covered, baked-to-golden-brown Happy Thanksgiving to all TSS readers, and to the people we cover.

When you wake up from your tryptophan coma, please make sure to come back to TSS, as we head towards Mayweather/Hatton, and The Year In Boxing 2008.

Happy Thanksgiving,