If you watched the Manny Pacquiao vs. Marco Antonio Barrera fight card in October, you might have noticed a young junior-featherweight beating the heck out of his opponent. His name is not Manny Pacquiao. It is Alejandro “El Alacran” (The Scorpion) Perez.

The first fight of the Pacquiao versus Barrera II undercard put Alejandro Perez’s boxing skills 11-0-1 (6 KOs) on display.

Perez is not your typical undefeated prospect. The man understands the concept of dedication. His goal is simple, to become world champion. He says he is a nice guy. But I would love to ask his twelve opponents their opinions. His last fight in Las Vegas created a platform to build on.

Perez showcased a blistering attack to the body that is reminiscent of the great Julio Cesar Chavez and Marco Antonio Barrera. His throwback style has worked so far. Alejandro’s quest to become world champion will not come easy. But this scorpion is willing to work for his ambition.

R. Markarian – What are your feelings on being signed with Top Rank?

Alejandro Perez –It is really exciting. I have been working really hard for this. And for a big company to sign me and notice my talents make me feel like I am going in the right direction as a boxer. The hard work is paying off right now. One of the agents from Top Rank saw me fight in Los Angeles. I guess he liked what he saw and got in contact with Brad Goodman from Top Rank.  Goodman gave me a phone call and we went from there.

RM- Alejandro, Tell me about your last fight.

AP-In my last fight, I fought in Mandalay Bay on the under card of Manny Pacquiao vs. Marco Antonio Barrera against Jamie Villa. I knocked him down four times and eventually out in the 5th round. We were expecting a tough fight. I always train hard, things worked out well against Villa. We are hoping to build from that performance.

RM – Where do you train currently?

AP – I am training at Wild Card in Los Angeles, Ca. I am training here with Hector Valladarez. I enjoy it here because of the international sparring. I get the opportunity to work with a great variety of styles. Training at the Wild Card helps me prepare to face any type of boxer. I value this opportunity

RM – The Wild Card is where a number of great boxers train. Have you gotten a chance to speak with Freddie Roach, Oscar, or Manny Pacquiao at all?

AP – I run into some of the great fighters. I have connected with Sugar Shane Mosley and James Toney. Mosley is a great guy to talk to you. Mosley is really a nice person. Toney gives great advice. James Toney knows about the ins and outs of the game. I have trained with Manny Pacquiao. And I see Oscar, Freddie, and the other guys come in and out of the gym all the time.

RM – Why did you choose to become a boxer? There are so many members of our youth that choose to play baseball, football, or basketball. Why boxing for you?

AP – There is just something about boxing. It is just in me to be a boxer. I didn’t plan to become a boxer. I was ten years old and I went into the gym with my older brother to train. The funny thing is that my older was being trained by Hector Valladarez, the same person that trains me. I walked into the gym, and Hector told me to start doing sit ups. After that, I would go to the gym with my brother and I started doing sit ups everyday. The next thing you know I was hitting the speed bag and then sparring. I never thought about becoming a professional boxer it just happened. Ideally it is just a part of me now. It is hard to live without boxing.

RM – How often do you train?

AP – I train everyday. I spar 3 days a week. I am in the gym 6 days a week. On Sundays I only do road work.

RM – When is your next fight?

AP – I am scheduled to fight on December 20th at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas, Nevada. But who knows things could change they could tell me to fight somewhere else. I just have to stay ready.

RM – Have you found your opponent?

AP – No, the Top Rank officials find me my opponent a few weeks before the fight. They look for an opponent for me and let me know who it is going to be.

RM – What does the future hold for you?

AP – I am still a young fighter. I am only 21 and my dream is to become a world champion. I have been working hard. And if we continue at this pace and continue working this hard I think I will become a world champion. I have been working for this since I was ten. I just hope all of this hard work pays off.

RM – If you had a realistic chance to fight anyone who would it be and why?

AP – (Alejandro chuckles.) I have never thought about that. But if I had a chance to fight anyone I would have to train extremely hard before the fight. I will never underestimate any fighter no matter what his record is. I would need to prepare before the fight. The way that I train and the way that my trainer trains me make me feel like I would be ready for anyone.

RM – Ok Alejandro, the floor is yours. Tell me something about Alejandro Perez that you want the world to know.

AP – I want people to know that I am down to earth. I love to meet people. I enjoy boxing. I love what I do. I am a person that wants to fulfill my dream. I am just a simple guy that is trying to live my dream.

RM – Look out for Alejandro “El Alacran” Perez.  This scorpion is ready to bite.

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